Enter the @SheSpeaksUp Walmart & Duracell #PowerTheHolidays Giveaway!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 11.17.14
Enter the @SheSpeaksUp Walmart & Duracell #PowerTheHolidays Giveaway!

The holiday season is looming, and we want your holidays to go as smoothly as possible this year! With all of the gift shopping, sometimes it is easy to forget a very important factor – the batteries! We have teamed up with Duracell to make sure that no gift is left battery-less this holiday season.

Enter our #PowerTheHolidays giveaway for a chance to win a $100 Walmart gift card to use for your holiday shopping!

How to Enter
To enter the giveaway, comment below and tell us one time you have been in need of batteries, or tell us one holiday gift you’ll be giving this year that isn’t complete without batteries.

Or, enter by clicking here to Tweet:
"I’m Tweeting to #PowerTheHolidays with @Duracell & @SheSpeaksUp. Enter the giveaway: bit.ly/10XFq7J"

Feel free to share any holiday or battery related pictures with us using the hashtag #PowerTheHolidays on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

Good luck & Happy Holidays!

Entries open until 12/5. Must be a US resident to enter. Winner will be notified via email on 12/8.

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  • Didi_96 By Didi_96

    Constantly going thru AA battery's for SAMs Xbox,shows just how much he plays. Too much

  • srimes By srimes

    We bought a flying helicopter as one of our Toys for Tots gifts that requires 2 AA batteries this year.

  • h2ocrazy By h2ocrazy

    Batteries - everything takes batteries!! When Santa forgets the batteries that is AWFUL!! -

  • queenubian By queenubian

    I remember always being in need of batteries when my daughter was small and for some reason I didn't ever remember until she has opened her gifts and all the stores have closed. It would happen every year. Lol

  • newyearsknight By newyearsknight

    These Duracell batteries are the best. I put 2 AA batteries in my wireless keyboard last December, 2013 and it took a year for them to die. They lasted a whole year and really, there is always somebody using the wireless keyboard. Very strong batteries well worth what you pay for them.

  • jball0913 By jball0913

    My sons mobile in his crib uses four C batteries. If it runs out and has it requires a late night run since he won't go to sleep without the lights and music!

  • SpartyGreen53 By SpartyGreen53

    We participate in a hobby called geocaching, which is an outdoor treasure hunt type of game using a hand held GPS unit. We have ran out of batteries before...out in the middle of the woods...thank goodness we were on some well established trails!

  • sully1128 By sully1128

    I'm giving my husband a new mouse - batteries are essential!

  • kristlg By kristlg

    the kids remotes for wii and xbox are often in need of batteries

  • j4m13hunt3r By j4m13hunt3r

    Needed 4 D batteries for my newborn daughters infant swing because it died from having old batteries in it, being battery-less I used an old trick my mother had taught me. I tied a string to the swing and made it long enough to reach my sofa & I went to town on pulling the string to swing that swing!! LOL

  • OnlyTheBest By OnlyTheBest

    I usually have batteries for when the power goes out, but because it had been so long since the last time this happened, my batteries were bad. I could have used some that night.

  • shaktimom By shaktimom

    This year for Christmas I know we'll be needing a bunch of batteries. It seems every year more and more toys require batteries.

  • kjmaje By kjmaje

    We needed batteries when my son was setting up the Christmas Village. So many of the buildings needed batteries to operate the lights and music! Many of the gifts we are giving this Christmas require batteries!

  • katheejo By katheejo

    I am embarrassed to say that most Holiday I forget the batteries. I'll be sure to get those batteries this year :)

  • illyjns By illyjns

    Need the battery really badly when my son just came back from his grandma and we got cars and need the battery and it's really late and heavy snow...stock up on battery ever since that

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