Enter the @SheSpeaksUp @TruGreen #LiveLifeOutside giveaway!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 12.11.15
Enter the @SheSpeaksUp @TruGreen #LiveLifeOutside giveaway!

Jack Frost is nipping at our nose in many parts of the country, and the colder weather feels festive right now. Soon we’ll all be dreaming of sunshine, and running barefoot on our lawns!

One way to be sure the grass feels good under our feet (and looks lush and green too!) is working with a lawn care service such as TruGreen. TruGreen’s plans are developed by PhD certified specialists, and carried out by local experts who are as familiar with your lawn as their own.

One lucky SheSpeaks member who lives in a TruGreen service area will win one year of free TruGreen Lawn Care Service (estimated value $450)! To see if you are eligible, visit www.trugreen.com and type your zip code in the search field. If you live outside of the service area and you are randomly selected as the winner, you can transfer the service to a friend or family members who does live in a TruGreen service area. 

TruGreen, the nation’s largest lawn care company, is expanding its offerings with the launch of a new irrigation system maintenance and repair business. TruGreen Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance™ brings TruGreen’s decades of lawn care expertise to services such as repairs, system openings and winterization. Currently available in select cities in Florida, Missouri, Nebraska, Arkansas and Tennessee, TruGreen Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance will be launching in more than a dozen markets in 2016.

How To Enter:

Simply comment below to answer one of these questions – what type of activities do you enjoy on your lawn? Is there a lawn in your neighborhood that you think looks particularly great?


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"I entered the @SheSpeaksUp #LiveLifeOutside giveaway to win a year of lawn care service from @TruGreen! http://bit.ly/1NgEP58"

One lucky commenter (or Tweeter) will be chosen at random to receive one year of TruGreen Lawn Care Service. Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only who live in the service areas here. If you live outside of the service area and you are randomly selected as the winner, you can transfer the service to a friend or family members who does live in a TruGreen service area. Enter through 1/15. Winner will be chosen randomly by 1/18 and notified by email.

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  • KellyN By KellyN

    We love to invite our neighbors over for a BBQ and sit outside during the summer enjoying the scenery of our yard. The green grass, the fresh flowers and the pool make us feel like we went on vacation and all we had to do was go out the back door.

  • lindahomza By lindahomza

    We love to play volleyball and simply walk barefoot. We spend most of our time in our yard outside. I think our friends across the road has a beautiful lawn and one day wish our will as beautiful as hers

  • rosellek By rosellek

    We entertain outside during the summer, love all of the memories that we create

  • Annamarie1642 By Annamarie1642

    We take care of our yard ..gardening raking mowing aerating.. fertilizing. Were very proud homeowners. To have this services from #TrueGreenLawnCare would be a nice gift. Our neighbors yard is treated by them and I am impressed with how soft the blades of grass are. Also the fullness of the grass .

  • KaitlinTilton By KaitlinTilton

    Campfires, gardens full of fresh fruits and veggies, home made hot tub, hammock... Im most alive among the tall trees. Love the lawns with the hidden gnomes in the bushes and faces on the trees!

  • quiltlvr63 By quiltlvr63

    Love a Green Lawn Enjoying the Spring/Summer/fall warmth with friends and pets every day.

  • samanthaplank2 By samanthaplank2

    my children play on my lawn

  • kuchick By kuchick

    our neighbors are retired and have a lot of money and all they work on is their yard. They water it like three times a day. Our yard can't compare we don't have enough money to water once so our yard looks really pitiful.

  • kmce118 By kmce118

    our favorite thing to do in our lawn is play games - frisbee, catch, football, bocce ball. Our neighbor has a great lawn - always lush green, no weeds, feels great under your bare feet.

  • wannabenikki By wannabenikki

    We love to play soccer on our grass!

  • janicefoltz By janicefoltz

    My yard is only good for a small garden. However I love sitting on my porch because the yard spreads out. It sure would look twice as nice with landscaping!!

  • saltpep By saltpep

    I love to have family over to have a BBQ and play yard games!

  • corinnab By corinnab

    I have a home daycare only space all 6 children have is our deck with no room to be free and happy children . We do have a yard but it breeds proper grass to be able to play and enjoy themselves , if we were to have a service such as this the kids could then enjoy nature vs a wooden deck with no room for movement and Free childhood play experiences .

  • Jj102369 By Jj102369

    My family loves to surround ourselves with lots of friends and family at BBQ's and other outdoor parties. We also love to sit around the fire pit at night

  • AlaskaEll By AlaskaEll

    My mom (who has dementia) and I like to sit out on the back deck and watch the birds visit the bird feeders, the butterflies visiting the flower garden, the squirrels chasing each other, and the other wildlife wandering through our suburban yard. We can't do much talking about the past or the future, so we can enjoy what is happening in the now.

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