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Enter the @SheSpeaksUp @TruGreen #LiveLifeOutside giveaway!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 12.11.15
Enter the @SheSpeaksUp @TruGreen #LiveLifeOutside giveaway!
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Jack Frost is nipping at our nose in many parts of the country, and the colder weather feels festive right now. Soon we’ll all be dreaming of sunshine, and running barefoot on our lawns!

One way to be sure the grass feels good under our feet (and looks lush and green too!) is working with a lawn care service such as TruGreen. TruGreen’s plans are developed by PhD certified specialists, and carried out by local experts who are as familiar with your lawn as their own.

One lucky SheSpeaks member who lives in a TruGreen service area will win one year of free TruGreen Lawn Care Service (estimated value $450)! To see if you are eligible, visit and type your zip code in the search field. If you live outside of the service area and you are randomly selected as the winner, you can transfer the service to a friend or family members who does live in a TruGreen service area. 

TruGreen, the nation’s largest lawn care company, is expanding its offerings with the launch of a new irrigation system maintenance and repair business. TruGreen Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance™ brings TruGreen’s decades of lawn care expertise to services such as repairs, system openings and winterization. Currently available in select cities in Florida, Missouri, Nebraska, Arkansas and Tennessee, TruGreen Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance will be launching in more than a dozen markets in 2016.

How To Enter:

Simply comment below to answer one of these questions – what type of activities do you enjoy on your lawn? Is there a lawn in your neighborhood that you think looks particularly great?


Tweet about the giveaway!  Click here to Tweet:
"I entered the @SheSpeaksUp #LiveLifeOutside giveaway to win a year of lawn care service from @TruGreen!"

One lucky commenter (or Tweeter) will be chosen at random to receive one year of TruGreen Lawn Care Service. Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only who live in the service areas here. If you live outside of the service area and you are randomly selected as the winner, you can transfer the service to a friend or family members who does live in a TruGreen service area. Enter through 1/15. Winner will be chosen randomly by 1/18 and notified by email.

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  • Chrildrensnookmama By Chrildrensnookmama

    We as a family love to play, run, and explore in our yard. My kids love to roll around in the grass as well as look up at the sky at the clouds or stars.

  • stylinstar53 By stylinstar53

    I love to have BBQ's with friends and family on my lawn!

  • eevongelic By eevongelic

    I love to play soap bubbles with my kids. I blow and they chase and pop them!!

  • aundiegr By aundiegr

    I enjoy training and playing with my dogs on my lawn. There aren't any lawns in my neighborhood that looks great unfortunately.

  • LT11SS By LT11SS

    Laying out in the yard, relaxing and soaking up the sunshine, well before everyone arrives for another incredible BBQ weekend!

  • jbreon By jbreon

    I enjoy playing with my dog out in the yard as well as laying out in the sun. A bunch of my neighbors use lawn service so it is hard to pick one that looks great.

  • champ76 By champ76

    We enjoy having backyard bonfires, playing lawn games and so much more on our lawn!

  • bound4aruba By bound4aruba

    sitting out on the lawn talking to friends and enjoying the fresh air!

  • lavarox2000 By lavarox2000

    We love the grass to be nice and lush by the pool for people to walk in or sit on.

  • beccaboo86 By beccaboo86

    We like to play with our dogs and have family BBQ's. We spend most of our time home in our backyard. Next summer we will be able to play with our son in the yard, which is going to be sooooo much fun!!!

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