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   By SheSpeaksTeam  Mar 16, 2015

Everyone can relate to a messy kitchen—and finally there is a solution! Bounty has teamed up with Dawn to make a paper towel that cleans 4x better than a used dishcloth. No more worrying about messy recipes or messy kids in the kitchen.

Win a $50 Walmart gift card that you can use to purchase Bounty with Dawn and everything you need to keep a clean kitchen!

How to Enter
Comment below answering one of the following questions:

  • What is your favorite messy meal recipe?
  • What is your funniest messy kid story?


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This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, karenblasier.

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AnneTxRN by AnneTxRN | Robinson , TX
Aug 12, 2015

Our favorite messy meal recipe is Sloppy Joes. Mmmm, mmmmm, messy!

jraeguinn by jraeguinn | Enterprise, AL
Apr 29, 2015

tweeted... My favorite messy meal is bbq ribs I love watching my kids get their faces messy while eating a good meal!

pepperanne by pepperanne | Brunswick, GA
Apr 16, 2015

My son was helping me make a cake one time and he turned on the mixer when I wasnt looking and cake batter went everywhere. It was hilarious

tara19652006 by tara19652006 | ALBUQUERQUE, NM
Apr 07, 2015

I love make sugar cookies with the kids.

Hestia2qt by Hestia2qt | Staten Island, NY
Apr 06, 2015


Ladygem616 by Ladygem616 | FT LAUDERDALE, FL
Apr 06, 2015

Anything Italian is my favorite messy meal. I use lots of homemade sauce and it always spatters and drips everywhere while I'm cooking and while eating at the dinner table. As messy as it is, I love watching my family enjoy my homemade cooking.

luckysista by luckysista | Dallas, TX
Apr 05, 2015

Chili is my messy meal! It splashes everywhere for some reason!

lilwritinghood by lilwritinghood | SEASIDE, OR
Apr 04, 2015

Tweeted but my favorite messy meal would have to be homemade ravoli my son loves them and he is a adorable mess after eating! I love it although i cant say i completely love the mess Id say the mess and I have a love hate relationship the cute baby makes it worth it !

Serendip by Serendip | Bremerton, WA
Apr 04, 2015

Homemade curry is my husband's favorite. But it stains, jumps, leaves smell in the entire house! The next day is always a heavy cleaning day for me!

Foofie5 by Foofie5 | N TONAWANDA, NY
Apr 03, 2015

Baking is my favorite messy recipe. When I bake ingredients fly all over the place lol

niki4nu by niki4nu | PAPILLION, NE
Apr 03, 2015

My favorite messy meal hands down is lasagna!!!

bdiane34 by bdiane34 | Haskell, OK
Apr 03, 2015


ehesketh by ehesketh | Bothell, WA
Apr 02, 2015


niclynn151 by niclynn151 | Lunenburg, MA
Apr 02, 2015

Just last night, my 11-month old daughter was playing on the floor with her older brother. He has a zipper case full of paints, that we thought were all sealed tightly. She somehow made her way into the bag, and was playing with one of the thought-to-be sealed tightly bottles. I walked into the kitchen for a second, came back into the living room, and there was black paint EVERYWHERE. On her face, in her hair, all over her clothes, and of course in the carpet!! Luckily for us, they were water based paints & on an even luckier note, we had Bounty paper towels on hand! For both the baby AND the carpet!!

Deeishere by Deeishere | Kings Mountain, NC
Apr 02, 2015

Pizza. Too many items on it. So good but so glad for the paper towels to take the mess away.