Enter the SheSpeaks Useless Jargon Giveaway

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 01.14.15
Enter the SheSpeaks Useless Jargon Giveaway

Ever get tired of being asked to “give 110%” of yourself? As if you could self-clone on the spot, or instantaneously multiply, in order to ‘better- support’ team needs?

How do you feel when advised not to “open the kimono” (this can sometimes happen when the 'idea hamsters' on the 'bleeding-edge' that you work with - haven't finished their testing yet). If your answer is "ready to take action" - then you may want to enter our Useless Jargon Giveaway where you might be randomly chosen to win a $50 Visa Gift Card* for submitting a workplace catchphrase that you think should be removed from the vocabulary.

Here’s the situation: Since 1976, Michigan’s Lake Superior State University has been doing great work polling and raising awareness about words that ought to be outright banned from everyday language use. Prior winners include:

Teachable moment  Intellectually bankrupt  Boneless wings 
Amazing  Win the future  Thank you in advance 
Refudiate  A-ha moment  Man up 
Game changer Perfect Storm Shovel-ready  
Staycation Man cave  Under the bus 
Awesome Talking Points  Friend-raising
Junk Science It is what it is Pwn 
Curate  Cra-Cra Hacks 

and even though you may still be receiving emails every day that use the word "amazing" three or more times to describe things that, well, aren't - it's reassuring to know that there are entities out there keeping track of this stuff.

But what about the parade of meaningless business expressions that are impossible for the average al desko luncher to avoid hearing in the workplace? Terms like core competencies, buy-in, empowerment, taking it to the next level and learnings (that most cringeworthy of the verbs-turned-noun, do you agree?) can now be submitted for inclusion in our directory of the most cloying words in memospeak!     

TO ENTER, simply tell us in the comments below - which business jargon word or phrase you’d like to never hear again, and you’ll be automatically entered to win a $50 Visa Gift Card!

Good luck everybody! Oh, and we promise, if you win we will not be 'reaching-out' to you. Instead, we will contact you via email. ;)

*Open now through January 27, 2015 to US residents 18 years or older.  

Congratulations to Lucky Winner! tsmith4


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  • floridagal By floridagal

    raise the bar

  • kjohn1981 By kjohn1981

    Just one more thing...

  • speakingof By speakingof

    Game changer

  • RWK7242 By RWK7242

    "Think outside the box." Seriously. It makes me want to grab the person, and stuff them inside a box. I also have the misfortune of routinely hearing the term "conversate." People. The correct word is CONVERSE.

  • annemaeanne By annemaeanne

    Game Changer. I think it is so overused!

  • valerie520 By valerie520

    Skin in the game

  • stef42678 By stef42678

    YOLO and cra-cra

  • taylormarie1994 By taylormarie1994

    Man up!

  • jlstudio By jlstudio

    Execute, stay relevant, The Vision, in it for the long haul, see this out

  • PennyMiser By PennyMiser

    We need to....I wish I had a dollar for everytime I've said or heard that.

  • kathutch1 By kathutch1

    Really just this one word is so over used

  • diviraj11 By diviraj11

    having said that

  • Yipperbear By Yipperbear

    TEAMWORK. It's always the person who'll get all the credit that wants TEAMWORK.

  • Eileenie By Eileenie

    That's a "sexy" job order-job orders aren't sexy!

  • Chicgiselle By Chicgiselle


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