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Enter the SheSpeaks Summer Travel Giveaway

Enter the SheSpeaks Summer Travel Giveaway

Are you planning any summer getaways this year? Planning to stay local or venture to beaches, resorts, or amusement parks by car or plane? 

Tell us your summer plans in our Summer Travel Giveaway and you can win an American Express gift card to make your summer extra special! Just comment below with your summer plans for a chance to win.

According to the US Travel Association, Americans fail to use 429 million vacation days every year. The results were so mind-boggling to the web site,, that they, too, polled their members and found out that only 62% plan to take a summer vacation at all. The majority used finances as their main reason and many stated they would be taking shorter breaks this summer. Surprisingly, the majority stating they can't afford taking a vacation this summer were women.

If money is a big issue this year, there are several ways to ensure traveling within your budget. Here are some tools to ensure a great, cost-effective summer vacation strategy, whether you're staying local or traveling:

1. Create a budget and explain to all of your travel companions, regardless of age, the importance of sticking to it.

2. Do your research to get the best deals. This includes booking online, making direct calls and getting personal recommendations. Keep in mind that travel agents tend to get a cut of a booking and that prices are often less booked further out and by avoiding blackout periods.

3. There are alternatives to 5-star hotels: Consider staying in an apartment or even take a house swap somewhere you've never been. 

4. Apartments or hotel rooms with kitchens are useful for eating meals in and are quite cost-effective.

5. Consider a road trip to avoid high plane fares. Car journeys are often bonding experiences and give you and your travel companions the opportunity to stop at new, never-before-seen places en route to a destination. You can also see more of the place in which you live and head to local beaches and amusement parks.

This giveaway is open now through June 30th to USA residents at least 18 years of age. No purchase necessary.

Update: Congrats to winner tkdmomma! 


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  • SaraYR By SaraYR

    We are going to Philadelphia to see all the historical sights! My boys are 8 and 10 and they can't wait to go see our countries birth place!

  • refinnejw By refinnejw

    Family reunion in the beautiful mountains of Colorado.

  • jterrock By jterrock

    Going to visit family and friends for the 4th of July!!! I can't is going to be fun!!!

  • llapham By llapham

    My summer plans are going to an amusement park/ water park with my family. i want my son to experience fun and thrills like I did when I was a kid. However I only went to local fairs by my home. I want to plan a trip to Six Flags and let my son experience the adventure of roller coasters and water rides. An American Express gift card would be so helpful in helping me create a wonderful experience for our family!

  • CathBrad By CathBrad

    Going to see Mom! Cannot wait!

  • harleyisis18 By harleyisis18

    I'm planning on taking my 10 year old son and my grandson to the zoo to feed the giraffes and to the Henry Ford Museum.

  • bettbett101 By bettbett101

    My family and I are going to the East Coast! We'll be hitting up Boston, Philadelphia, New York City, and more! I'm so excited!

  • abartz By abartz

    My husband lost his job earlier this year, so we won't be traveling until he gets one. But we'd love to spend some time at Disneyland, Legoland, Sea World, etc. if he gets a job! I would really like to take a family trip to Cabo or Hawaii but he'd have to get a good offer first :)

  • lilleyvr By lilleyvr

    As a high school teacher, I plan on learning more by going to two conferences. One about being a DECA advisor in North Carolina and then going to Jostens Yearbook Adviser University in Florida. So I'll have fun while I learn!

  • stephk83 By stephk83

    Were going on a family vacation to Boston! First time for me!

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