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Can you NAME THAT (college fight song) TUNE?

Nothing says autumn like a packed football stadium and the pageantry of a marching band! Even if you’re not a die-hard fan, the blaring trumpets, the pulsing drums, the clashing cymbals, the boundless pride and the spectacular march-in-step routines that parade across your tv screen - are sure to get you humming a few bars!

That’s why we’re inviting you to test your college fight song knowledge in our NAME THAT TUNE Giveaway!*

To enter, use the comments section below to tell us the name of the college fight song in each of these 3 videos - and you'll automatically be entered to win a $100 Walmart Gift Card!






*This giveaway is open through Sept. 22nd to USA residents over 18 years of age. One entry per person. No purchase necessary.

Added 9/23/2014:

"Victory March" is the fight song for the University of Notre Dame. The Rev. Michael J. Shea, a 1905 Notre Dame graduate, wrote the music, and his brother, John F. Shea, wrote the original lyrics. The chorus is so recognizable that, according to John Lukacs of ESPN, “it almost transcends sports” and the eminent college football historian Beano Cook ranked Victory March "the fourth most well-known song in the country, behind only 'The Star-Spangled Banner,' 'Happy Birthday' and 'White Christmas'." The University of Notre Dame Band was declared a “Landmark of American Music” by the National Music Council.

Even opponents have been unable to resist its lure. Legendary USC coach John McKay found himself humming the "Victory March" while walking off the field at Notre Dame Stadium after his defending national champion Trojans were defeated 23-14 in 1973. "There was nothing else to hum," quipped McKay.

"Fight On" is the fight song of the University of Southern California. It was composed in 1922 by USC dental student Milo Sweet, with lyrics added by Glen Grant, for a student spirit competition. The song is played at all USC sports competitions, as well as many other USC related events, by the Spirit of Troy, the USC Marching Band.

According to legend, Fight On blared from the deck of a transport ship as the Americans stormed an island held by the Japanese during World War II. On hearing the song, the troops let out a tremendous roar -- and eventually won the Aleutian Campaign.

"The Victors" is the fight song of the University of Michigan. It was composed by student Louis Elbel in 1898 following the last-minute victory over the University of Chicago that clinched a football league championship. Alumnus Gerald R. Ford, the 38th President of the United States, often had the Naval band play the fight song prior to state events - instead of "Hail to the Chief".

John Philip Sousa is said to have called The Victors, "the greatest college fight song ever written."

 9.24.14 Congratulations to Winner: KarrenMc

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saved2serve by saved2serve | MANDEVILLE, LA
Sep 23, 2014

1. Victory March - Notre Dame, 2. Fight On - USC 3. Hail to victors - University of Michigan

brandy824 by brandy824 | Bayside, NY
Sep 23, 2014

1. Norte Dame 2. University of Southern California 3. University of Michigan

juliaguliablonde by juliaguliablonde | Schuylkill Haven, PA
Sep 22, 2014

1. Victory March 2. Fight on State 3. The Victors

cheryllshubert by cheryllshubert | N BRANFORD, CT
Sep 22, 2014

1. "Victory March" Notre Dame 2. "Fight on State" Penn State 3. "Hail to Victors" Michigan State

spark5 by spark5 | PITTSBURGH, PA
Sep 22, 2014

a. Victory March - Notre Dame b. Fight on State - Penn State c. Hail to Victors - Michigan State

Bogdobbler by Bogdobbler | Louisville, KY
Sep 22, 2014

1. "Victory March" - Notre Dame 2. "Fight on State" - Penn State 3. "Hail to Victors" - Michigan State

jaynenotjane by jaynenotjane | Centennial, CO
Sep 21, 2014

1.fight on fight 2.fight on state 3.for the victors.

Angelnot by Angelnot | Aurora, CO
Sep 21, 2014

"Victory March" Notre Dame 2. "Fight On" University of Southern California 3. " The Victors" University of Michigan

ssreedy3860 by ssreedy3860 | Medford, OR
Sep 21, 2014

At least this was prettry easy 1."Victory March" -Notre Dame 2. "Fight on State" -Penn State 3. "Hail to Victors" -Michigan State. Thanks for doing the contest!

marigold1228 by marigold1228 | Norman, OK
Sep 21, 2014

1. Notre Dame - "Victory March" 2. Penn State - "Fight on State" 3. Michigan State - "Hail to Victors"

kuchick by kuchick | Abilene, KS
Sep 21, 2014

1. Victory March- Notre Dame 2. Fight On - University of Southern California 3. The Victors - University of Michigan

lw1191 by lw1191 | Kirkwood, MO
Sep 21, 2014

1. Fight On, Fight! - Notre Dame 2. Fight On, State! - Penn State 3. For The Victors - Michigan State

Eustacia by Eustacia | Cedar Springs, MI
Sep 21, 2014

1. "Victory March" Notre Dame 2. "Fight on State" Penn State 3. "Hail to Victors" Michigan State

sweetmatcha by sweetmatcha | harrison, NY
Sep 20, 2014

1. Fight On, Fight! - Notre Dame 2. Fight On, State! - Penn State 3. For The Victors - Michigan State

anitakayduvall by anitakayduvall | ATKINS, AR
Sep 20, 2014

#1 Notre' Dame's Victory March Fight ON #2 Penn State's Fight on State #3 Michigan States's Hail to the Victors!!