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Enter the SheSpeaks Celebrate Dance Giveaway

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 07.30.14
Enter the SheSpeaks Celebrate Dance Giveaway
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There was a whole lotta dancin' in the streets this past Saturday as hoofers, poppers, tappers, ballerinas and beat boys of every stripe gathered to celebrate the art of dance throughout America for #NationalDanceDay.

This year the Dizzy Feet Foundation posted three instructional Everybody Dance routines on YouTube (an Advanced, a Beginner, and a Seated) to learn - and then partied it out with the crowd at events in cities coast to coast. The hashtag trended at #1 on Twitter throughout the day.

The goal of this National Holiday, passed by Congress in 2010, is to promote dance as part of a healthy active lifestyle.The Dizzy Feet Foundation was created by Nigel Lythgoe, reality TV producer and performing-arts advocate, to sponsor and support dance education programs.

Are you a fan of Nigel's other creation, the show So You Think You Can Dance? If so, do you have a favorite routine that has left you crying, screaming, or cheering from either a choreography that drew you in, or a personal story that reached you?

If so, tell us about any dance experience in the comments below - and you'll automatically be entered to win a pair of 14kt gold classic hoop earrings!

To get in the mood, here are a few of the show's award-winning works that cover the gamut from Bollywood, Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern Dance, Latin, Swing, Tango, Jive and then some  - as they speak to our humanity.


 OUTTA MY HEAD - Alex and Twitch
 TIME - Neil and Lacey
 MI CONFESSION - Mark and Chelsie
 MERCY - Twitch and Katee
 FIX YOU - Robert and Allison

"Our job, especially in the digital world, is not just to entertain but to inform. - Nigel Lythgoe"


 *This giveaway is open through Aug 11th to USA residents at least 18 years of age. No purchase necessary.

 Congratulations to our Winner!: Shaktimom

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  • suttondancer By suttondancer

    I have been dancing since I was 3 years old. They did not accept students younger than 5 when I was 3, I would sit in the back of the room on the floor & watch my sister's dance class.The story I have been told is that I was in the audience (I was 3 years old) watching my older sister's (5 years old) dance class perform at her first dance recital & I got up on stage and started doing the dance routine with her. My mom was upset & tried to get me to come off the stage. The dance teacher saw that I knew what I was doing & told my mom to let me finish. Needless to say I received a standing ovation at the end of the dance & the dance teacher told my mom to bring me to dance class as a participant from now on. I went on to perform with a professional dance company & am now a director of my own dance studio for 28 years!

  • Grammyof5 By Grammyof5

    I loved the routine with Chelsea and, I think it was Mark, when they danced to Bleeding Love. It was so poignant and moving. I replayed it over and over again. I still love the song and it still reminds me of that routine.

  • amymballou By amymballou

    I once got to dance at disney world for the candle light procession! It was amazing. :) Once in a life time opportunity.

  • AlisonR By AlisonR

    We haven't watched it yet, but it looks like something my daughter would love as she has recently started taking dance classes!

  • ShellBell123 By ShellBell123

    I haven't watched this but I am looking forward to checking it out now!

  • twinkieluv By twinkieluv

    dont watch the show

  • maryalicefranklin By maryalicefranklin

    Hummingbird is a SYTYCD routine that always sticks out in my mind!

  • cdgregory2009 By cdgregory2009

    Haven't missed this show since the day it started. These kids are always so talented and the artistry of the choreographers is amazing. Of the choices, I love "Outa My Head", but my favorite by far is "Ramma Lamma".

  • milo9282002 By milo9282002

    I've watched this a few times. I can't dance. :( But I love to watch good dancers, my mom was one of them. I started watching Championship Ballroom Dancing on PBS decades ago, before it became so popular. I'm ahead of the times. LOL.

  • gwanita By gwanita

    Have not heard of this show nor do I watch any of the so u think u can dance or American idols etc....I always lol at my oldest as she is always doing some crazy dances that have me cracking right up and our youngest is always twerking lol he is 3

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