Enter the @DiscoverCotton and @SheSpeaksUp #CoolerInCotton Giveaway!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 07.14.16
Enter the @DiscoverCotton and @SheSpeaksUp #CoolerInCotton Giveaway!

There’s no doubt about it, summer is here and we couldn’t be happier. That said, our closets could be a little more prepared for the often sticky and frustrating hot weather that’s on the horizon. Did you know that cotton has a number of beneficial qualities, like breathability, that can keep you cool on hot summer days? We love this fun video Cotton’s just launched to share why it’s the best wardrobe choice for the season. Dancing along encouraged!

Win a $100 Visa gift card to go shopping for your own cotton look!

#CoolerInCotton Giveaway

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Lifestyle bloggers @elyareganyan, @kallie_branciforte@thestyleeditrix, and @tineey have been showing off their best cotton looks on their gorgeous Instagram feeds! 

We took to the streets to show you our favorite cotton looks too. We can't wait to see yours!


One lucky Instagram poster or Tweeter will be chosen at random to receive a $100 Visa Gift Card. This SheSpeaks giveaway is open to U.S. residents 18 years or older. Enter through 8/4. Winner will be chosen randomly by 8/11 and notified by email. 

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  • dakotamom By dakotamom

    Cotton is coolest in the summer

  • DJCrabtree By DJCrabtree

    These are so cute and stylish! I LOVE cotton! Nice and cool in summer, warm & cozy in the winter!

  • lisamccloud By lisamccloud

    Cotton feels good when you are going thru menopause😀

  • Bellavita32 By Bellavita32

    Idk how to sign up for contest

  • BacktoGa By BacktoGa

    Cotton is definitely the only way to go for me especially during summer months and always for sleepwear! Hey, it may not be sexy lingerie but it sure is comfortable!

  • ironram1 By ironram1

    I love wearing cotton. It smell better and feels better than anything else!

  • yvillato By yvillato

    Hot summer call for breathable fabric such as cotton

  • Brenda121 By Brenda121

    I could always use more cotton ;) yea that's how I could explain it to my hubby :)

  • moonlightkissed By moonlightkissed

    I love cotton clothing because it lasts a long time and is so breathable and comfy.

  • slw008 By slw008

    Living in Texas, summers are HOT ♨ I MUST have my cotton! @DiscoverCotton and @SheSpeaksUp #CoolerInCotton Giveaway

  • Atalanta By Atalanta

    I don't use social media but I love cotton! :)

  • Correy211 By Correy211


  • lughead13 By lughead13

    Love cotton - so breathable in the Northeastern US summer heat!

  • JMET072812 By JMET072812

    I sweat A LOT when I exercise. I looks for lighter cotton fabrics that breathe easy so that I don't feel gross. Love my cotton.

  • Indyanna63 By Indyanna63

    @DiscoverCotton @ShespeaksUp #CoolerInCotton I'm so glad you are doing this. I was bummed when something came up and I had to miss the twitter party! @Indyanna63

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