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Enter the @DiscoverCotton and @SheSpeaksUp #CoolerInCotton Giveaway!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 07.14.16
Enter the @DiscoverCotton and @SheSpeaksUp #CoolerInCotton Giveaway!
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There’s no doubt about it, summer is here and we couldn’t be happier. That said, our closets could be a little more prepared for the often sticky and frustrating hot weather that’s on the horizon. Did you know that cotton has a number of beneficial qualities, like breathability, that can keep you cool on hot summer days? We love this fun video Cotton’s just launched to share why it’s the best wardrobe choice for the season. Dancing along encouraged!

Win a $100 Visa gift card to go shopping for your own cotton look!

#CoolerInCotton Giveaway

Example Entries:


Lifestyle bloggers @elyareganyan, @kallie_branciforte@thestyleeditrix, and @tineey have been showing off their best cotton looks on their gorgeous Instagram feeds! 

We took to the streets to show you our favorite cotton looks too. We can't wait to see yours!


One lucky Instagram poster or Tweeter will be chosen at random to receive a $100 Visa Gift Card. This SheSpeaks giveaway is open to U.S. residents 18 years or older. Enter through 8/4. Winner will be chosen randomly by 8/11 and notified by email. 

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  • tsmith4 By tsmith4

    Cute video. I do seek out cotton clothing in the warmer breathes better than other fabric.

  • pmencin By pmencin

    Nothin' beats cotton when the summer is hot and sticky!!!

  • Hywelda9 By Hywelda9

    I am a seamstress, and I have always loved sewn with cotton!

  • Hatshepsut By Hatshepsut

    Love cotton, but I am very shy about putting up my picture. I also don't have an Instagram account. I wish there was a different method to enter the contest.

  • mollzim9 By mollzim9

    Would love to win. I love cotton and just lost weight would love to show this leaner healthier body off

  • cds900 By cds900

    I always look for and purchase cotton garments which are difficult to locate lately. The commerical is cute and matter of fact about the benefits of wearing cotton. Since I recently lost 80 pounds I would love to win to replace some vital cotton garments.

  • GrlyGrl7 By GrlyGrl7

    The Cooler in Cotton video is so very cute! Do love cotton during the sultry Southern summers. Here is an ultra confidential secret - cotton undies are delightful all year:) XOXO

  • jacquelineha By jacquelineha

    I don't have instagram! Cotton just feels right on hot days. Light and breezy.

  • JMMom35 By JMMom35

    Nothing feels and smells better than cotton clothing & bedding hung outside to dry! Fresh, clean Cotton!

  • Jannine007 By Jannine007

    I love wearing cotton

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