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Enter Our L'Oréal Paris #MagicNude Giveaway!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 09.19.13
Enter Our L'Oréal Paris #MagicNude Giveaway!
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We’ve got the scoop on the latest from L’Oréal Paris - new Magic Nude Liquid Powder Makeup, perfect for creating the “un-makeup” look. Magic Nude is a revolutionary form of foundation that instantly transforms from liquid to a powder-like finish, giving you a flawless, yet undetectable look. We’re giving you the chance to win some and see for yourself!

How To Enter:
Comment on this blog post and tell us one of your beauty secrets.

Five lucky winners* will each take home a three-month supply of L'Oréal Paris Magic Nude Makeup in their preferred shade.

Spread the Word:
Tell all of your friends on Twitter about this exciting chance to win L'Oréal Paris Magic Nude Makeup.

Click here to Tweet: “Enter For A Chance To Win @LOrealParisUSA #MagicNude Makeup in the @SheSpeaksUp giveaway! Enter:

*Entries open until 6pm ET on Monday, October 7, 2013. Open to U.S. residents over 18 only. The winners will be notified by email on Tuesday, October 8, 2013.

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  • jwantink By jwantink

    Getting a good nights rest, and lots of sunscreen and moisturer.

  • mesperum By mesperum
    09.19.13 your veggies...stay hydrated-drink water!

  • basilandcatnip By basilandcatnip

    I keep my makeup very clean, disinfecting outside of container too, wash hands before using, and place a clean bleached washcloth or tissue down on counter before setting items out each use. I also do not put applicators I've used back in the compact with the makeup. Makes for smoother application through life span of makeup, no break outs, and makeup lasts til empty or full shelf life.

  • Tomalynne By Tomalynne

    I also make sure to use sunscreen and be careful how much time I spend in the sun.

  • Chicagodivaonadime By Chicagodivaonadime

    My newest beauty secret is I just tried LOreals magic BB cream. Ive tried others but this stuff is amazing. It leaves me flawless.

  • scholarbowlchicka By scholarbowlchicka

    My beauty secret is my friends. As someone who did not wear makeup until prom, I must say my friends are my greatest beauty secret. They will tell me what looks good and what doesn't look good. AND they tell me I look good even when I don't believe I do. :-)

  • WendyNoel72 By WendyNoel72

    To help dry skin, don't completely dry off when getting out of the shower. Instead use lotion on damp skin to lock in the moisture.

  • thashe603 By thashe603

    I always go to bed with moisturized clean skin!

  • shalynrobers By shalynrobers

    Sunscreen daily and freeze your eyeliner so it goes on better

  • krystlbear By krystlbear

    L'Oreal BB Cream, it's my newest must have.

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