Enfamil  Nutramigen with Enflora LGG

Enfamil Nutramigen with Enflora LGG

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AMAZING! My daughter was born prematurely and had everything imaginable wrong. I nursed 100% exclusively until about 10 weeks. Then we had to supplement with this and mix it in her bottle of breastmilk. Huge game changer!!! She turned 3 in June, and we just stopped using this!!

Amazing formula My daughter has a milk protein allergy and soy formula gave her severe constipation so we were told about nutramigen and it worked so well for us! It?s a little pricey but the benefits out weighed the con. My daughter became more regular with her bowel movements, less spitting up, and just overall happier because she was no longer uncomfortable.

Expensive Formula This formula saved my baby! Helped keep steady weight gain and reduce spit up.

Definitely for lactose intolerant babies! Love this product! My youngest daughter had a very hard transition from breast milk to formula and gentle ease was not doing the trick. As we came to find out, she was lactose intolerant and our doctor put her on this magical formula! Yes it is a bit pricier, but totally worth it! She went from vomiting and severe constipation, to having regular bowel movements and no more vomitting! This formula worked for her until she transitioned to lactose free milk, and It worked wonders! Highly recommend this formula expecially for lactose intolerant babies!

Picky Eater this was all that would work! I wanted to breast feed exclusively but with my babies dietary restrictions and being premature we have to supplement. We tried several lactose free formulas before settling on Nutramigen. It was the only formula that my LO wouldn't spit back up immediately as she has digestive issues on top of the dietary restrictions. I would suggest this to anyone who has a lactose intolerant baby before anything else. Insurance covers some of it for us as well, but even if it didn't a happy comfortable baby would be worth the difference in cost between this and other brands.

Live changer! This formula has changed our lives. We went from having a little one writhing in pain from formula intolerance to now having the happiest baby on the block. She drinks this with no problems and has barely any gas pain symptoms to speak of. I don't mind the smell so much. Other reviewers often complain about this but it's better than formulas we have tried in the past.

Great formula My baby wasn't able to nurse for being tongue tied and lip tied. He couldn't take any formula we tried, he throw up everything he took in. He lost so much weight in first month and half he was born. His doctor gave us samples of this formula and he kept it down. He's been on ever since. We have no problems with spit up and he is right where he should be on weight and everything

Lifesaver This formula saved my babies tummy and my sanity . It costs a lot more though.

Perfect for my daughter with a dairy protein allergy My daughter was put in Nutrimigin when she was born. She had a dairy protein allergy which made her absolutely miserable on regular formula and she was not able to put on weight properly. When we made the switch to Nutrimigin she started gaining weight and became a much happier baby within a week of the switch. The biggest down side to this formula is the price. We had to change a lot of our diet habits to ensure we could afford this formula my daughter needed so greatly.

my son was on this formula when he was a baby for being lactose intolerant. it helped him at around a year old to drink milk and has much less spit up than he had before this formula

this has got to be one of the worst formulas i ever let my son have he threw up half of what ever we gave him he was loosing weight and even had to stay at the hospital for 2 days never again thats a promise i think this is may not have been what his body needed at the time but after all the scares of loosing him i could never use this brand again!!

My son had colic and really bad acid reflux as a baby. This formula really helped to reduce the amount of spitting up that he would do.

After numerous failed attempts of different soy based formulas for our little one, we found our saving grace in Nutramigen. It is for babies who unfortunately have cow milk allergies. The product worked great with our son the formula has all the nutrition and thanks to the probiotic LGG it helps support digestive health and is a fast management for colic. I would of gave it five stars but the only down fall is that it smells disgusting but as many mommy's know soy based formulas are not the most pleasant.