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  • Patoma By  Patoma    

    Great product i use it all the time. I think everyone should owe these products. There is nothing better then these products

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  • EileenD By  EileenD    

    Good formula

    Great product with an easy to make method that doesn't clump. And my daughter liked it!

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  • Keniamejia By  Keniamejia    

    I gave him this milk to me, he drinks his first months of life and the truth is I did not like it since my baby stopped vomiting

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  • nessah13 By  nessah13    

    Best formula for comfort

    Comforts babies stomach no problems at all works very well!!

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  • mjsmartie By  mjsmartie    


    VERY gentle on sensitive tummys. Love this product!

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  • malise23 By  malise23    

    This formula is easy on my baby's tummy and really soothes her

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  • Alysonlewis4 By  Alysonlewis4    

    Such a gentle formula Highly recommend

    My daughters both suffer from sensitive tummies. This formula works wonders when it comes to being gentle on the stomach and smoothing down the gas pains in comparison to other brands. They were on this formula until they were 1 and thrived.

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  • Mustain69 By  Mustain69    

    Lifesaver for fussy baby

    Both my babies hated formula. This newest baby is half breastfed and have formula and when he cant have my milk this is the only formula that doesn't tear his tummy up. Its a lifesaver for this under supplier.

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  • momof3nuggets By  momof3nuggets    

    Gas Reliever

    This formula is expensive, which is a downfall. My little ones love it. Helps with gas for sure

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  • shelby_neal8792 By  shelby_neal8792    

    Great for Gassy babies!

    Enfamil Gentle Ease was a great switch over for my oldest daughter when transferring from breast milk to formula. She struggled with gas and this formula was the right choice. It helped sooth her stomach and helped pass gas and bowel movements. Also made her gain the weight needed! Would highly recommend this product!

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  • cassandrametz96 By  cassandrametz96    

    Holy grail

    Holy grail of baby formula! I gave this to my daughter when she was fussy and has bad gas the SAME day she was better and happy as a clam . I highly recommend this to moms with babies that have bad gas or tummy discomfort

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  • novisa08 By  novisa08    

    Perfect for babies with gas issues. Easy to use and store.

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  • nmarcotte2 By  nmarcotte2    

    Good product

    My daughter had a sensitive stomach as a baby this formula did help a lot!!

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  • Skuzzler By  Skuzzler    

    Tried it but too bitter tasting

    My LO didn't like the taste, I ended up tasting it and it's super bitter. She was super fussy with it as well. We switched over to the green Enfamil Reguline.

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  • jlazarus By  jlazarus    

    After trying several formulas for my son the Gentleease was the only one that did not bother my sons tummy. I highly recommend trying if your little one suffers with any type of tummy issues.

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