Emergen-C Tangerine Vitamin Drink Mix

Emergen-C Tangerine Vitamin Drink Mix

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Highly recommended Omg this Emergen C is fantastic. It heads off colds every time. You need to take it as soon as you start to feel symptoms and then it's great. I highly recommend to everyone of any age.

Fruity Since I cannot have soda it is nice to be able to have a fizzy drink that doesn't give me the nasty after taste.

Mix with orange juice Whild I know that emergen-c really doesn't taste that good a lot of people swear by it and I always keep some on deck just in case I start to feel sick. I highly recommend mixing it with some kind of fruit juice and it makes drinking the amount necessary way more bearable than just with plain water.

Great taste & it works! I love the orange flavor! This is my go-to when I travel on planes. I want to stay hydrated & fight any germs that may be coming my way from nearby passengers. Works every time-I land & feel great.

there is only one thing i would change...... i gave this product 3 stars, i really like this product for the most part, i gave it a 3 because only have one thing i would change, they have a ton of different flavors that are all ok i just wish they tasted a tiny bit better. there definetely not bad , they just taste a little off. if they could make the flavors more flavorful i would give this product a 5. i drink these when im feeling like I'm going to get sick and i honestly believe they do help... i love the fizziness too.

I have been using this product for at least 6 months anytime I am feeling under the weather. It successfully shuts down any oncoming colds.

I like the taste. I use it when I start feeling run down or at the beginning of a cold. It helps a lot.

This is a quick drink to get in a healthy amount of Vitamin C. This drink, however, is fizzy and has an odd taste besides orange. It's one that no one in my family will drink, unfortunately, as I love the idea of this product!

I drinks these at the office as an alternative to coffee. For me it has the same effect. My tip for giving it a better taste is to put a pinch of sweetener in it. My children like these also.

gave a nice boost of energy

Love Love Emergen C just ordered the wild mixed berry flavor it sounds pretty good.

I have been using emergen c for years tohelp fend off a cold at the first signof a snoffle. My pulmonologist td me that zinc has been proven to battle respiratory infection s and it has worked for me many times. There isa slightmediciney taste whenyou gettothebottombutitis. Still all good.

Emergen~C drink mix did seem to give me a boost when I was drinking it daily~ but if you're looking for great taste or consistency ~ this isn't the product you wanna buy. It delivered on boosting energy~ but the flavor isn't great & it's chalky tasting. Emergen~C is just okay in my book!!

Ok so the Emergen C Tangerine is not all that great tasting. It does have a bit of a gritty taste and not that "flavorful" as it puts out to be. It does give me the added boost of vitamin C that I need. I really do hate the taste but it does seem to work so it is worth the bit of a bad taste. I usually only use a half of a bottle of water or it I really want to suffer or dilute it more, which don't help I use the whole bottle.

The taste is great for me, and it keeps the cold away when my husband or children have one.