Emergen-C Kidz Vitamin C Supplement, Fruit Punch flavor

Emergen-C Kidz Vitamin C Supplement, Fruit Punch flavor

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I use this with my kids when they are fighting sickness. My kids like the fizzy flavored drink. The are great and convenient for travel in individual packets.

I love the Emergen-C for kids. My daughter loves the taste, and always asks for more. I love that it is filled with vitamin c, and my daughter loves it.

I decided to up my kids' vitamin C intake when cold season started this fall. I found the Emergen-C brand in a kid formula, and my kids actually like it. It tastes like carbonated fruit juice so they think they are getting away with drinking the forbidden soda. And I don't have to coerce them to take their vitamin. The only problem is that because it is carbonated, they have to drink it slowly. So I can't give it to them in the morning before school.