Emergen-C Kidz Complete Multivitamin

Emergen-C Kidz Complete Multivitamin

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Wow, ZERO Complaints From Teenage Daughters! When either one of my girls start to complain about feeling a sore throat or start to feel a little sluggish, I mix it with cold water and add a bit of apple juice (for some reason when they get sick, they no longer ask to be "independent" and don't remind me that they are "no longer little kids") and both chug it right down with zero complaints (anyone with teen girls know what a miracle this can be, wink, wink)! My oldest daughter has high functioning autism and gags when she tastes anything that has a strong vitamin taste and the taste of this doesn't bother her, she will actually request this when she starts to feel sick. With my husband and I being public school teachers we cannot take time off from work (we have to be in our classroom and cannot teach via distance learning from home) so this is definitely a staple product in our house especially during the school year! (Although it is safe, as with any vitamin supplement, just make sure to ask your pediatrician before use).

Great boost Great for on the go. Need a boost! Everytime we fly or go on a trip, this is a must have in ur bag. I need my kids immune system to stay as strong as possible when going different places, and this just gives u an extra protection

Great product Emergen-C is a great product for the whole family. I am so glad that they have it for the kiddos too. Anytime that I feel something coming on or hear someone sniffling in the house we grab the Emergen-C. So grateful for this product.

No Problems I never have any problems having my kids take this, and right now this is so important.

my family uses the Emergen-C line daily, especially now during this crazy time in life with the pandemic happening. With the kids version, its much easier for the kids to get the vitamins they need to stay healthy. my kids have not been sick in so long. And its also a good way to get them to drink their water in the mornings!

Emergen-C for Kids? There's nothing all that bad about the Emergen-C Kidz Complete Multivitamin, but I would rather give my children vitamins from whole foods. For taking a multivitamin supplement, I would prefer a gummy or chewable tablet.

Fuzzy Drink These are very nice. Providing the needed vitamin C. In a fuzzy drink mix all love. Says the taste is nice.

I like them and so does my son, they help with the immune system which I love!!

These are not jus great for kids adults can use it too. I do. It helps build kids immune system when it comes to cold and flu. Would recommend it anytime

Awesome on the go multivitamins! My children love these multivitamins . They like the taste so it's easy for me to feed them when they are sick or not feeling better having the initial symptoms of flu. But as it has sugar in it , I don't allow them to have it every day . But it's a great product to have handy. Parents with children below 10 yrs must have it in there pocket.

A travel necessity These are great to travel with, convenient, and they work fast! Not a regular use item in our house because of the sugar content, but great for Emergen-C's!

Best thing to drink when you feel like you are getting the flu

Best thing to drink when you feel like you are getting the flu

love it. Great flavors..... no bitterness.. and safe to take.

safe and effective I swear by this. We take it weekly and now i give it to my kids safely!