Elizabeth Edwards' cancer returns

   By drodriguez  Mar 25, 2007

Determination and courage are two words commonly used to describe Elizabeth Edwards. The announcement made last week that Elizabeth's cancer has returned is sad news indeed, but only illuminated what strong character and resolve this woman possesses. Mrs. Edwards has proclaimed, along side her husband Presidential candidate John Edwards that this disease will not force them to abandon the cause that they both believe in so passionately.

Elizabeth believes in this country and in herself. Nothing will stop her from fighting for what she holds dear. She has dealt with long, hard battles before in her life including the death of their son, Wade. She continuously takes these trials head on and does not back down. She knows more hard times are ahead both with her battle with cancer and the tolls of a Presidential campaign, but her belief in herself, her family, and her country inspire her to keep fighting and in turn, she inspires us as well.

Does Elizabeth Edwards inspire you or do you feel that the Edwards should pull out of the Presidential campaign?

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Sep 15, 2010

She is a very brave Woman that deserves better!

missy1954 by missy1954 | nettie, WV
May 10, 2007

She is a very brave woman. They do love our country and if she wants to be there for her husband,then we should respect her wishes. May God Bless Them Both!

bsdriver179 by bsdriver179 | Linfield, PA
May 10, 2007

I think that she is a very brave woman. And that they have the right to make what ever dicision that they feel is the right one. I guess they think that he has something that the country needs right now. I wish them both all the luck.

CNICOLAI by CNICOLAI | Philadelphia, PA
May 10, 2007

Having breast cancer, I can't see her fighting that battle and still standing by her husband running. It takes every last bit of energy to handle the drugs and recovery. He is young, wait till she gets better. I wish he well. This is the biggest reason why I will not call myself a survivor. It can come back at any time.

specialtylines by specialtylines | Eagleville, PA
May 09, 2007

I had the pleasure of attending Ted Koppel's Town Hall Meeting, "Living with Cancer" May 6, 2007. Elizabeth Edwards was one of panelist that spoke of her experience of being a cancer survivor. She was clear about her commitment to fight her cancer and she expects her doctors to leave no stone unturned to find the most effective treatment. Mrs Edward's grace and courage is truly admirable. As a cancer suvivor I know how difficult it is to face the disease the first time. It takes a very couragious person to make the journey again. I am hoping for all the best for her and that she beats the disease

suefields by suefields | hazard, KY
May 08, 2007

I think Elizabeth Edwards is a very strong woman and havig something besides cancer to focus on will help her fight cancer somewhat easier. I wish them both best in their lives

GASuburbanMom by GASuburbanMom | Loganville, GA
Apr 30, 2007

I think that Elizabeth Edwards is a very strong and unselfish person. She is so brave to continue to live life and not let her cancer get the better of her. I wish the best for her!

klhoward1961 by klhoward1961 | Pinson, AL
Apr 21, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards is a very unselfish person. I can only hope that this cancer will go into remission and she will live a long life

nturnbow by nturnbow | INDIANAPOLIS, IN
Apr 14, 2007

I believe that they should have kept her cancer out of this political race.  I do know what she is going through with the return of her cancer; however, I don't believe it is being announced in the correct setting.  Being a cancer patient myself, I don't use it to make any kind of personal gain and that is what I feel John Edwards is doing. 

The cancer I have is a rare hi-grade recurring cancer and has NO treatment other than surgical removal if it is found in time. 

I do keep Elizabeth in my prayers, but in no way would I be swayed in my political vote.

cvarano by cvarano | BROOKLYN, NY
Apr 14, 2007

I do believe that it is a brave choice to continue with the campaign on Elizabeth's part but what about John?  It is his decision as well as hers.  I can't even imagine the stress and physical and mental demands of a campaign, let alone the time constraints. It may be a brave choice but, in my opinion it isn't the smart choice.  Is this campaign more important than her health?

sickly50 by sickly50 | Millbrook, NY
Apr 12, 2007

i really hope that her cancer turns to remission as he is a brilliant man, orator, & generally nice person. i would HATE to see him have to quit the race because of her illness..in addition, i do not want ANY woman to have to go through that as i am disabled severely, but, not from cancer..

ctmeds by ctmeds | Naugatuck, CT
Apr 11, 2007

I think it was important  for John and Elizabeth Edwards to discuss  what their plans are for the future, as a family and his political career.  Cancer is such a scary, life altering disease and I feel that by sharing such a personal  part of ones life for everyone to hear is pretty spectacular. The impression I had after listening to their interview by Katie Couric,  left me with a feeling of strong family ties and the courage to beat this disease but also continue their work  and dedication to our Country.

amvan1 by amvan1 | El Cajon, CA
Apr 11, 2007

Yes, she is very brave and determined, and that in itself is inspiring.  What they have chosen is for them to decide.  If it were me, however, I would pull out of the race.  I would want to spend the time I had left doing what was truly most important to me-- spending time with my family.  There will always be another Presidental election; there will always be another political cause to support; there will always be another way to change the world; but there will not always be another time in mortality to spend as a family.  If it were me I would probably continue to support my husband and encourage him to go on with his dreams, but I think that deep down I would want him to pull out and choose me over an election.  But, like I said before, what the Edwards have chosen is for them to decide.  What I have said is purely my opinion on what I would do.  I wish them the best in what their futures hold.

elusivebutterfly by elusivebutterfly | Pownal, VT
Apr 11, 2007

What a brave women Elizabeth Edwards is.  She is determined to live her life the way she wishes rather than how others believe she should. 

Renie12 by Renie12 | Wilkes Barre, PA
Apr 11, 2007

I dont think they should pull out of the race. I thinks she is very brave and living her life like she wants too. I admire her very much