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  • vaniqua By  vaniqua    

    Don't Try

    I wanted so badly to like this product and gave it many, many chances. Application is very uneven. The color was just odd. It left my lips feeling exceptionally dry. I threw it out feeling pretty disappointed.

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  • ladydai By  ladydai    

    Great lips

    Some of the best lip stains out there. Perfect application and they don't smudge. The colors always pop and stay on all day which can be very important. If you try one, you will try and love another from the Rubiest Reds to the most Passionate Purples.

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  • GoneRogue By  GoneRogue    


    I bought this and used it once, then tossed it in the trash. The tip is SO HARD! it hurt my lips just to put it on! The stain comes off in patches so throughout the day as it starts to fade it looks like you have discolored lips. I bought this in a red color and I actually had someone ask me what had happened to my lips because I had pieces that were my normal lip color and others that were still stained and super red. Don't waste your money on this!

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  • bbhyolie By  bbhyolie    

    Elf Lip Stain

    These work so well, super super affordable, and if you're into the my lips but better look, this will give you that light wash of color as well as give you a really great lip color without looking too crazy glam, it's more off a natural vibe, but also will last on the lips really well and doesn't feel drying on the lips.

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  • denovot By  denovot    


    Wasn't a big fan of this product. It felt like drawing on your lips with a hard, kind of pointy marker. If it wasn't so stiff it wouldn't be so bad but I felt like I was hurting my lips by putting this on. The color pay off was not great either, I think my lips got more stained from being turned red from applying it!

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  • Falina By  Falina    

    I enjoyed this product very much. The brush is a wonderful applicator, it is long lasting and even made it through my coffee!

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  • kaquatosh193 By  kaquatosh193    

    Its like drawing on your lips with a permanent marker.

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  • Savvy5 By  Savvy5    

    Don't buy

    The color is good. But they dry out my lips so fast and they smell bad. Would not but these again.

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  • ReviewsByKay By  ReviewsByKay    

    I honestly love this lip stain. It goes on smoothly and leaves a subtle bite of color. The shades are gorgeous and natural looking. The wear Time is surprisingly long.

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  • LatinaBeauty By  LatinaBeauty    

    I like this because you can stain them as light or dark as you want them and put a lip balm on and be out the door. Also it's very inexpensive!

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  • shannonaaawoods By  shannonaaawoods    


    this is a very nice lip stain most have weird tastes to them but this one does not i used to use this and would recomend it to anyone

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  • Ducky143 By  Ducky143    

    Lip Stain Addict

    I'm actually wearing this product right now. As a person who hates having to constantly apply color to my lips multiple times a day, I can say that this product has been my holy grail. I have one of each color. They have a thin tip but the marker itself is pretty thick. I've noticed that I have tended to use the thin tips of the darker colors for lip liner and the slightly lighter (but not too light) colors to fill in the rest of my lip. The darker colors make it perfect to over line my lips and make them look fuller. Of course, it is just a stain. It stays all day long but it does begin to appear and feel a bit dry on the surface. This can easily be solved with a thin layer of lip balm or chapstick but if you are not into the smooth finish of lip balm then I would not recommend this product. But for the other 99% of us that do wear lip balms, this product works wonders. This brand of lip stain has really become all I'm about especially because of its affordability. It is so inexpensive but somehow feels like a million dollar, high-end product. This has me hooked. Its inexpensive and I'm more than happy to take advantage of this bargain. As a college student, I have to budget how much money I spend on makeup so this has me looking good in the mirror and feeling good when I check my bank account. Definitely gonna take these to the grave.

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  • lijordan By  lijordan    

    popsicle stain flushed lips!!

    I LOVE lip stains that have the marker style tip. My go to stain is Pixi by Petra, in the color Luck. ive searched and searched for sometjing equivalent to that popsicle stain lip result that I rock , pretty well I might say;) Elfs lip stain ( 3 color choices I think), is pretty damn close! For $2.29 , I get long wearing ( 6 hrs or so) sheer popsicle stain look lips!!! I know Elf is very inexpensive, but that does NOT mean it's performance is compromised at all!!

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