Edy's Slow Churned Ice Cream

Edy's Slow Churned Ice Cream

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I do not like the texture and feel of this it's gummy and sort of like a gel feel.

Sooooo good One of my all time favorite ice creams! I love how creamy the vanilla ice cream is and the cookie dough pieces/bites are just perfect! I am always trying to get the most cookie dough pieces in each scoop!

I love Edy's Slow Churned! It tastes so much better than many regular ice creams. They have so many flavors and do special editions that are just wonderful to see and mix it up with the lower fat ice creams. It's all I typically buy.

Haven't met an Edy's product I didn't like and this is no exception! 'Slow churned' equates to a smooth, rich ice cream that is very decadent.

If it's cheat night then this is a tasty option for sure! We just indulged in their butterfinger and cookie dough flavors, too good to be good for you😉

Yummy,creamy, Icecream!

LOVE this ice cream!!! Its the creamiest I've ever tasted. I think it has to be one of my favorites!!! And half the fat?? You can't even tell...AT ALL!

I am a sucker for ice cream especially this one its perfect! I can eat a good amont knowing its only half the fat i love the vanilla it gets me through long days

The chocolate is delicious.

So good. Love it. Cookie dough flavor is delicious. It is also decently priced.

I would normally eat a small serving of the regular Edy's ice cream but now since the slow churned came out I like it more! It's healthy and better than the original.

This is my favorite type of ice cream. It's smooth and creamy with lower calories and less fat. There are so many flavor varieties, my favorite of which is Mint Cookie Crunch, and most of the regular Edy's flavors are available in this slightly healthier version.

The slow churned was soooooo delicious! I had the key lime pie flavor and OMG, I am sooooo going to get it again! My husband liked the chocolate brownie flavor. Beyond it melting a bit faster than regular icecream, there was very little difference between the taste of regular full fat icecream! I highly recommend it!~ YUMMY!

I enjoyed this ice cream. It's reduced calorie, but still has a full flavor.

I love their yogurt blends!!! Some are only 90 calories per 1/2 cup serving!!!!! My only negative remark is that they don't offer their pumpkin yogurt year round!