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   By sandyc42  Oct 26, 2012


My son received his middle school pictures last week. I looked with amazement of how much healthier he looked and proud to see what a handsome man he’s turning out to be. It touched my heart so to see his beautiful eyes staring back, very much in tune as to what was going on in front of him, compared to his picture when his was six and heavily medicated.  My heart became heavy of how uneducated I was, figuring the doctors knew what they were doing, when In reality they didn’t have a clue.

Before I go any further, my point in this is not to get all moms and dads out there with children and love ones on the spectrum off all medications. That’s not what I’m saying at all. My point in this is to educated yourself, be sure the medication is really needed. A lot of professionals I have dealt with find this was the answer, in  Pooh’s case it wasn’t..

I remember  that day telling the physcologist   the medications were going to stop. As I stood by  Pooh when he was climbing his bookcase, The doctor looked at me in horror and said ” I wont be responsible, this will be our last appointment.” We left and I remember looking at Pooh I swore I saw a half-smile on his face.

Six months had passed and I was hearing words he never used before, “Mommy” became in his vocabulary and the anger was less, and smiling became more.  When it was time for his IEP, It was awesome to hear more positive from his teacher, after she said “We are getting somewhere,” there was a long silence, and that’s when I told them all, “I took him off his  medications. So things have only gone up from here on. His health, and happiness turned for the better. And telling me that I’m his “fire in the friendship” just confirms it, that I did the right thing.



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MamaMeow by MamaMeow | HURLOCK, MD
Dec 01, 2012

You go mama! You know what is right for your child and you weren't afraid to do it. I like reading a story like this.