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  • Nimawoo By  Nimawoo    

    Eco/budget friendly

    For the price, these brushes are actually pretty good. They are a good option for someone who needs to branch out from the itty-bitty brushes included with most makeup packaging. I found them to be great for "beginners." Eco friendly & priced right.

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  • Sand_doll By  Sand_doll    

    Love them

    I love them it's perfected for a birthday oh Christmas gift for teens oh someone that starting to use makeup oh even for ourself perfect size to take them when we travel

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  • bluejay92 By  bluejay92    

    great make up brush set

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  • DarkhHorseDesigns By  DarkhHorseDesigns    

    This little brush set is a real find. Purchased for teen daughter at the drugstore and they have lasted, and lasted. Very little shedding. Would like to get a set for myself for travel.

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  • raqueta By  raqueta    

    OMG the things I love about these brushes, the bristles are soft to the touch they feel great when you use them, they are eco friendly and they aare just great all the way around

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  • SassyShopper By  SassyShopper    

    I bought these makeup brushes a year or two ago, and I absolutely love them! The bristles are so soft and are great for applying your makeup. Mine were fairly affordable, and as long as you clean them they'll last a long time! They are great quality, and I'd recommend them to anyone! In fact, I just bought a set for my mother for mothers day and she loved them too!

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  • sephoraluver75 By  sephoraluver75    

    These brushes are so soft! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! They are great quality and a good price. I just wish they had more brushes.

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  • olivialamaestra By  olivialamaestra    

    They carry them at Walgreens. I bought a different set. I like them alot. They don't shed bristles like other brushes.

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  • ErikaVeronica By  ErikaVeronica    

    I bought these brushes because I needed a new set and I am very happy with it!. I use the larger brushes daily ( for bronzer and blush) and the smaller brush is great for under eye powder. The bristles are soft and the set comes with a little case for travel.

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