EcoSMART Ant and Roach killer

EcoSMART Ant and Roach killer

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I'm surprised when people haven't heard of this stuff. It is the best against ants. Love it!

I love this stuff and have been using it for years now. They have expanded their products to include one for flying insects and a large bottle with hand sprayer for all general insects which I now have. It can be hard to find in stores but Home Depot seems to carry all of them. I love that it is safe around my pets and doesn't have that horrible smell that most insecticides do. It definitely kills the bugs! I had a friend who killed a wolf spider with it (although he may have drowned it first lol). I usually spray it every spring and summer around windows and doorways along with killing any on contact. It smells like the cinnamon and peppermint oils mostly and its non toxic. This is an all around pet, child, and earth friendly product that works great and eliminates chemicals. As far as killing plants like previous stated in other reviews, most insecticides will kill greenery unless stated. A lot has to do with the chemicals. They do make ones that are safe around plants and flowers but EcoSmart does not have one for that.

Now that the bug season is upon us I needed to purchase insecticide. I have a 14-month old and two cats, so I wanted something that was safer to use around the home and yard. I found the EcoSMART spray that states it is all natural/non-toxic (ingredients are Rosemary Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Water, Wintergreen Oil, Mineral Oil, Oleic Acid, Canola Oil, Carbon Dioxide, Vanillin, Lecithin) and safe to use around pets and children. It also states that it does not leave residue. The product does kill insects, but I found out the hard way that it will also kill any greenery that it comes in contact with (including any perennials or annuals that you just paid for and planted!). There is no warning on the can about this, except the standard rhetoric about testing in an inconspicuous area of any carpet, upholstery and/or fabric before using. It also leaves a residue, but with the main ingredients being oil, I guess I should have expected that to happen.