Eclipse Polar Ice Sugarfee Gum

Eclipse Polar Ice Sugarfee Gum

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I purchased the Eclipse Polar Ice Sugarfree Gum to keep on hand when I grind my teeth. This was a refill for Trident Sugarfree gum that I just finished. The gum itself is a bit softer in texture than the Trident but stays soft while chewing for a much longer time than the Trident. The Eclipse lasts about 2 hours with fresh minty flavor and the same soft texture, whereas Trident was getting hard and loosing flavor after 45 minutes to an hour. I like the bottled packaging of the eclipse gum. I tend to grind my teeth at work and in the car. This little bottle fits in my cup holder and has a good seal to keep air and humidity from getting to the gum. The bottles are refillable, making this a worthwhile purchase.

I have to chew two pieces to get enough flavor and it doesn't last very long.

I enjoy the taste of this gum... one of the few gums that does not make me sneeze when I chew it LOL. The flavor stays fresh for a very long time...leaves you extremely kissable :)

I love this gum!, i agree it does taste like a doctor would perscribe to you since its so strong

Definitely does the job of freshening your breath, but tastes a little medicinal.