Eat, Talk and Be Healthy!

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Oct 18, 2014

It may not seem like where we eat and who we eat with would be as important as what we are eating to stay healthy, but a new study suggests family meals eaten around a table together can lower obesity risks in children. The more healthy and encouraging the conversation at the dinner table and the longer the meal lasts, the better for our kids health as well. reports about the new study from Minnesota that videotaped meals and interviewed 120 families about their meal habits. What they found was that kids were more likely to be overweight or suffer obesity when they ate shorter meals in front of televisions in places other than the dinner table.

Kids who were at a healthy weight were much more likely to eat with their families at the table and have positive conversations during lengthier meal times. The authors of the study had a few tips for creating a more positive and healthier atmosphere during meal times. It may sound like a lot to handle for a busy family, but sitting together to eat for a minimum of 20 minutes can mean a lot to establish healthy eating habits. Encourage your kids to enjoy the meal by having positive conversations about what you each did that day. Save the complaining or nagging about homework for after dinner and try to keep the dinner table a happy place.

What do you think about the study that suggests eating meals together at the dinner table can lower the risk of obesity in children?

Do you and your family always get the chance to eat and talk together during dinner time?

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