Easy Veggie Dip


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    1 Hr
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    1 Hr
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Easy Veggie Dip

Makes: 16 oz

Description: A quick and easy and tasty onion dip for raw veggies.

1 envelope  Lipton Onion Recipe Secrets (dry onion soup mix - 2 envelopes/box)
16 oz  sour cream
assorted  bite-size raw veggies

Instructions: Mix one envelope of Onion Recipe Secrets into the sour cream. Refrigerate for an hour so the dried onion can rehydrated. Meanwhile, assemble your veggies on a plate or tray. Put sour cream mix in small bowls so everyone can dip their veggies!

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  • Author image By lovemygirl
    Feb 08, 2017   Edit

    sounds easy and yummy

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