Easter Eggs recipe


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  • Prep Time:
    15 Hrs
  • Cook Time:
    15 Mins
  • Total Prep + Cook Time:
    15 Hrs 15 Mins
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Easter Eggs recipe
Photo Source: By Genny Gall

Makes: 11 eggs

Description: In this post, I've turned up a simple idea that will make Easter egg style the best episode for your family this year. So you will have an organize a fun day of egg hunt!

10  Boiled eggs
2 tsbsp  capers
1 cup  carrots
2 cups  lettuce
2 cups  tomatoes
2 cups  cucumber
1 cup  onions
1/2 cup  cilantro
2 cup  celery

Instructions: Super fun and easy, ideal to do with the kids on holidays, This recipe of chicks in the nest, will be a perfect activity to cook with children. Unquestionably, you will love it!
Once the plate is finished, they will be so surprised and proud that they will love to repeat it on more than one occasion.


Place the eggs in a pan with some cold water and add a little salt and put on fire until it boils.
Remove them from the water.
Now peel carefully.
Once peeled, with the tip of the knife, cut around the egg making zig-zagging.
Now, separate carefully to avoid breaking the yolk (the chick).
Make the eyes and the beak. For this, we will use carrot pieces for the pick and for the eyes capers or whatever you have in your pantry, just be creative.
Finally, we place all our chicks on the top of the nest made from lettuce and the rest of vegetables; what an excellent and fresh salad.

What fun making these cute eggs were! Right?

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