Earthen InstantPeel Natural Exfoliant

Earthen InstantPeel Natural Exfoliant

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This baby is expensive, but WORTH IT. I received a sample and was really hesitant, but I figured what the heck. You use it in the shower, after your skin has been steamed for five minutes and then rub in a back and forth motion with a small amount of product from the packet. At first, I thought it was doing anything, but then I felt all this dead skin just come right off! It only picks up the dead cells, so it's really gentle. (Unless you rub super hard. :-) ) And you know when to stop because you won't feel the dead cells come off anymore - the feeling is similar to when you were little and rubbed glue on your hand and rubbed it off while it was still a bit tacky. I used this on my face and neck and my skin felt SO smooth afterwards. At $50 for a box of six, this is expensive for my tastes. BUT, it works so well that I think it's totally worth it! You use it once a week if you have oily skin (once every two if you're dry), so that's a little more than $10 for an awesome, hypo-allergenic, at-home facial!! I'm in love!