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  • Mich81 By  Mich81    

    I found a Nyx one that applies smoother and lasts longer.

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  • beagle_luvr1 By  beagle_luvr1    

    i got this and its kinda hard to apply but i just found a video on you tube on how to apply the stuff so im gonna try to do it again to see if it works any better.

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  • radar525 By  radar525    

    I kinda-sorta like this pencil. It is really hard, but if I soften it up with my hairdryer for a few seconds it works rather well. The sharpener is eh, but it was free so what can you do? I am a bigger fan of the other products. I hope the end up making this pencil in their mineral line. Those liners are so much more easy to apply.

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  • popa1228 By  popa1228    

    i didn't like it at all, the only thing i did like was the built in sharpener, i thought that was a cute touch, but the product its self just did not work for me, It's one of the few ELF products i don't like.

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  • robininparadise By  robininparadise    

    I bought this and it was too hard to use on the water line, which is what I bought it for. the studio line brow filler and highlighter pencil is creamier and I use this on my water line instead

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