EL James 50 Shades of Grey

EL James 50 Shades of Grey

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This is not real bdsm This is someone imagination of it or fantasy whatever the plot was ok I guess but it's not bdsm it's a bit kinky but cool your jets ppl if you wanna spice up the bedroom do it but reading a book doesn't make you like hardcore or less vanilla not putting anyone down just wasn't my cup of tea

I enjoyed all three books. And the Grey book which is Christian Grey's point of view. I could read them over and over again. Like someone else said, you either love them or hate them. I love them. NOT for kids at all though.

I loved the series and can say it was definitely an interesting read.

Could not put this one down!!! You're either going to Love it or Hate it, and I LOVED IT!!! It's twisted and sexual and cunning and sly and sexy and romantic and gentle and serious and loving all rolled into one book. I seriously could not put it down and I am not a huge reader. Mr Christian Grey roped me in from the very beginning. And innocent Anna... ohhh innocent Anastasia. It's got everything in this book from romance, to drama to dark emotional abuse, to sexual abuse to bondage, to everything in between. Which ever way you take it. It's definitely not for everybody! But it truly is a romance novel and I loved the story of the characters. I fell in love with them. I had to know what was going to happen to ALL of them. I could have been Anastasia Steele working in that little store... ohhh the fantasy.. and who would have been my Christian... see that is how it gets in your head!!!!!!! You must read this!!!! Gooooo now!!!!!!!!! Thank you EL James.... please keep writing about what they are doing now... I miss them!! ;)

Christian Gray 50 shades of gray has to be one of my favorite books. Now dont get me wrong the steamy stuff is great but I was more interested in the development of Christian gray himself! His back story is heartbreakingly phenomenal. To be honest I believe the author took the greatest care in the back story and left everything else to sort itself out. That being said it's still a great book if you can see past the sexy oddness of it

I love this series. I find it very seductive and entertaining.

A great book that quite possibly could be mistaken as soft core, but otherwise it is a great series. I have read the books and watched the movies. Prefer the books over the movies though.

A good story line but I think it was poorly written. Very predictable and repetitive.

I found 50 shades of gray to be fun and easy to read. They were something entirely different from my library which is always good for a different read!

Wow, if I could negatively rate this book, I would. The prose was less than highschool and the character development was disheartening. Anastasia is an ultra weak female character, and Christian Grey is powerful, masculine like Gaston to me with no internal dialogue but his dick. It's very adult and mostly just about sexual fantasies, so if you love a good erotic novel, this is a great and easy, enlightening read about BDSM. Other than that, it's not a book that should a "must-read."

For a Trilogy once formed through fanfiction, it gives it away. I have patience with every book I read; however, there are some that rub me the wrong reason for various reasons. One, repetitive phrases. I understand that Christian enjoys Anastasia nibbling on her lip but it doesn't have to be all the time. Another repetitive and uncomfortable phrase is "inner goddess". Second, too similar to its fan fiction origins. The obsession. The control. The creepy stalking. That's not love. It's creepy. All in all, this book is not very good. It needs more originality and editing. Read at your own risk.

I read this book like 3 years ago. It was OK for me. The book was entertaining and made me go and do a bit of a research on some fun things you can do ;P

Good story that had the potential to be a great story if it had been better written.

Well, I read this book because all my friends are crazy about it; but I don't think is a good book. A little boring, repetitive, predictable. I bought the trilogy and feel very disappointed with these books, but I think this is the better of the trilogy.

Never even bother finishing it. I was confused as to where it was really leading towards. It really felt like a 13 year old boy found a bunch of porn scenes e liked and wrote about them in the pretense of a girls point of view. No. Just....this was creepy and I felt violated after Anastasia was left crying alone the first time. That is NOT what Doms do! This should have stayed on fanficiton.net