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  • Debbiehickman By  Debbiehickman    

    Yes yes yes!!!! I love Duffy! Her sound is all around great. She sounds as if she blasted into the music scene straight from the 50's!

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  • KeraLee123 By  KeraLee123    

    Duffy has a beautiful soulful voice similar to Amy Whinehouse. I love her music.

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  • ThatGrrlTina By  ThatGrrlTina    

    This is one of very few records that I absolutely LOVE every song on.

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  • Cmbouch By  Cmbouch    

    another artist with a different voice. it's got a great sound to it all over.

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  • angie1966 By  angie1966    

    Her voice and classy songs are great

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  • NicMic By  NicMic    

    Amazing and beautiful! I originally just loved the fun swingy vibe of Mercy when it came out years ago, and I bought the CD- but I can just relax and listen to the whole thing. Each song is just beautiful. Great vocals and unique.

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  • topaztije By  topaztije    

    Wow is all I can say. Impressive vocals. Great song choices. Love them all - more, please.

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  • crdean122789 By  crdean122789    

    she has a very unique, soulful voice. She has gotten very popular and has awesome talent.

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  • Sweetlydel By  Sweetlydel    

    I love, love, love her sound! Mercy is my favorite song. I fell in love with that because someone danced to it on television.

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  • mdunnings By  mdunnings    

    I love Duffy and I love this CD. Her voice is perfect and soulful

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  • Jenapurrkay By  Jenapurrkay    

    I bought this Cd because I couldn't believe how popular she was, I thought she was weird! Well it took me one time going through the whole Cd and I was hooked! Duffy is by far my favorite!

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  • DawnMarie81 By  DawnMarie81    

    Great sound, great soul, great FUN!

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  • meowmix By  meowmix    

    THis is a rising star--I have Mercy as my ringtone! She just wows me because she is unique and not the same old stuff. I LOVE her music.

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