Dryel 30min In-Dryer Cleaner

Dryel 30min In-Dryer Cleaner

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This item is a great alternative to dry cleaning! Great for when you need that dress, but don't have the time to take to the cleaners!

No BS I saved SO much money on dry cleaning. I definitely recommend dryel.

After using this product, my delicates never look worn. I love it!

Love the smell. great for quick touch ups when you don't have time to go to dry cleaner

I love using this product on my dry clean only clothes. It's so easy and usually comes with a pre-treater for stains. My only complaint is that I can't find it in more stores.

This product helps cut down on your dry cleaning costs if you have items that really just need a refresh or light touch up. Does not work well on bedding or anything with a stain

did not receive

I think this is a great product for people who have no time to go to the dry cleaners. Its Fast and Furious! I love it!

Use this on my husband's shirts and slacks...so easy to use and saves me money....Leaves my husbands shirts and slacks smelling crisp and clean

I didn't buy this product. It was given to me by my mom, but I love it! I love having the convenience of doing this at home.

Love this product!! I can dry clean whatever I want for 1/2 the price and in my own home!

This is awesome and so easy to use. It saves a lot on dry cleaning and saves me from having to drive all the way to the drycleaner across town. Thanks Dryel.

I used this on mine and my friends' prom dresses cause we couldn't afford a dry-cleaner. This stuff works awesome!!!

if it weren't for my horrible dryer, this would be the bomb. also place them in my sneakers works like a charm.

NIce to have on hand, but I'm not sure its a cost or time saver vs traditional dry cleaning. Smell was pleasant.