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Welcome to the DripDrop Program! We're excited to team up with DripDrop, whose mission is to change the way the world hydrates, with their revolutionary new hydration solution.

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Article in Fast Company: You May Be Thirstier Than You Think 

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About DripDrop
DripDrop provides a simple, cost-effective solution that empowers everyone to treat mild to moderate dehydration with a safe, medical-grade solution. Their hydration powder packets fit easily in the medicine cabinet, travel kit, purse and gym bag, so it’s there when you need it. Simply mix with water and consume.

Developed by a Mayo-trained family physician, DripDrop contains a golden ratio of ingredients – including sodium, sugars and potassium –which absorb quickly and help you recover faster than any other hydration product on the market. In fact, DripDrop has been shown to hydrate 34% faster than water alone, and 20% faster than a sports drink.

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