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  • nanaof4n1 By  nanaof4n1    

    Nice taste.

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  • lovemuffin9810 By  lovemuffin9810    

    Very good ice cream. Silky and melts in your mouth. Drives me wild !love every flavor

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  • descoral By  descoral    

    I love how soft and creamy this frozen yogurt is and a healthier treat than regular ice cream.

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  • icecreamchica112 By  icecreamchica112    

    Yes Yes Yes! I am the world's biggest ice cream fanatic, and I love to eat a bowl each day. However, getting older means my metabolism doesn't always want to agree with that daily dose of deliciousness! Luckily Dreyers Slow Churned Yogurt Blends is a nice way to cut back on the calories but still have the full delicious taste! I love frozen yogurt, and this is one of my favorite kinds so far! The cookie dough is just as great as any full-calorie ice cream!

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  • nursebunny By  nursebunny    

    very good and best yogurt

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  • Gabriella82 By  Gabriella82    

    Dreyer's Slow Churned is so much creamier and flavorful, my fav is mint chocolate chip. I've tried vanilla, cookie dough, and chocolate, sooooooo yummy!

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  • ualauren By  ualauren    

    The best and most guilt free ice cream i've ever had! so tasty...i've tried peach, cookie dough, & cookies n cream and LOVED every bite of them all!!

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