Dreft Spray Stain Remover

Dreft Spray Stain Remover

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My go-to spray I grew up with my mom always using shout so when I started out on my own that's what I would use. But I would often be left disappointed when stains wouldn't come out with shout or oxiclean. After having a baby I started using dreft spray and was amazed at some of the stains I had no hope for actually coming clean. I continue to use it for all of the spots I find now.

Dreft stain remover This stain remover is AMAZING!!!! it takes stains off of everything. It's the only product I use now for all of my clothes to remove any tough stain. It even removes the toughest grease stain. Not only is it the best but it's super cheap.

My mom told me to try this. Said it was the best. And it was. So easy to use. I spray on and let soak a bit then scrub it out. Works great

This seems to work really well to get stains out, but I would highly suggest using it right away if you suspect clothing will stain since the longer they set, the less this will work. However, when I compared using this on stains versus just soaking the items in water or scrubbing at them with baby detergent, this won every time. Keep a bottle on hand for surprise-baby-leaks and after-dinner-spaghetti stains and you will be able to keep using all your baby clothes instead of tossing them out due to bright yellow/orange/red stains!

This remover is the best. There hasn't been a baby stain yet that it hasn't taken out. I use this on all kinds of stains. I always have a bottle or twon on hand in my home.

I have a hard time finding this or any Dreft products so when I find it I get 2 bottles! I use it for my 14 months old daughter's laundry, cleaning her car seats, her bedding and anywhere she gets carpet stains. It helps take out the stains and I LOVE the scent!!

I originally bought this to remove stains on my baby's clothes but now we use it for the whole family. It does a great job of getting out any stain, be it bodily fluid (yes, yuck!), food or dirt. The only thing I don't like is the smell. But since my older son has allergies to some detergents, I like that it is safe to use on his clothes without worry.