Dreamworks pictures  Bridge of spies

Dreamworks pictures Bridge of spies

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Bridge of Spies Should Be Seen It's a little slow at points, but over all I truly enjoyed watching this movie.

Good movie excellent actors I like that kind of movie

Great for Fans of History I got this as a free screener, and thought this movie was fascinating. Tom Hanks is, of course, a great actor, and the story was interesting. While the film is a little slow moving, this is a great movie for fans of history and the Cold War.

Bridge of Spies Movie Review There are some great elements to this film, the best of which is the acting of Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance. They are both fantastic and play very well off of one another. In addition to their tremendous acting both together and apart, there is also some really excellent dialogue here. The farther the film progresses in its run time, the easier it is to notice how almost all of the drama, the tension, and the execution is contingent upon the dialogue and conversations that take place and how this dialogue is delivered. Of course, as mentioned, "Bridge of Spies" is brilliantly directed by the famous, wonderful Steven Spielberg. With each passing film, it is all too apparent how superbly crafted each of Spielberg's works are as he frames his shots in such a way that it almost makes you forget you're watching a movie at all. With all this being said, sadly, the film isn't perfect. Despite the fact that Hanks and Rylance offer up some definite Oscar worthy performances, the movie as a whole feels like it is missing a little something in the tension department, and for a movie sold almost entirely on mood, this is a must. It's really, really good, and much better than "War Horse," but it is Spielberg's best Oscar-baity drama? Not by a long shot. And speaking of longing, we long for the day Spielberg will bust open the envelope of his self-imposed boxes, producing a product that's something other than what we've previously seem come out of his already stacked and stellar wheelhouses. Still, "Bridge of Spies" is not bad at all and worth a watch for history buffs, Hanks fans, and Spielberg lovers.

Tom Hanks is a great actor. I seems his movies always do well. I liked "Bridge of Spies" based on a true story in my opinion is always a good bet! Tom Hanks is part of a great cast and in parts it was edge of your seat suspense. I also like period pieces.

Awesome movie I love movies that are based on true events. My kids (11 & 12) watch these kind of movies with my husband and I and they can't believe stuff like this really happened. And of course, Tom Hanks is an awesome actor.

Tom Hanks was great in this movie! It kept me intrigued until the end. It's 1957 and Rudolph Abel, is captured for the crime of espionage against the U.S. on behalf of the USSR. Hanks plays an insurance lawyer hired by the government to be Abel's defense lawyer. The setting of the film is so real and I love movies that take us back to the 50's and 60's.

What can I say, Tom Hanks has done it again! This was such an amazing movie kept me on the edge of seat the whole time, plus it was based on true events.

Bridge of Spies with Tom Hanks will leave you wondering what will happen next ! Its a great movie ! A must see ! If you love suspense movies , you will enjoy " Bridge of Spies" .