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  • artsyaurora By  artsyaurora    

    This is a great movie for all ages. It's a perfect movie for any occasion, I even like to put it on in the background when I am setting up for a party or event because it never gets old.

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  • csilva By  csilva    

    One of the best animated movies

    Adorable fun movie about being a good person, staying true to yourself, and helping all creatures.

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  • tjs68111 By  tjs68111    

    Great movie!

    we absolutely love all the How to Train Your Dragon movies! These are great for a family movie night!

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  • DestinySpeaking96 By  DestinySpeaking96    

    My daughter and I watched this together and loved it. The graphics are great and the story line is awesome. She really enjoyed it too! Since then, we have watched the second one and the series they have on Netflix and she loves it.

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    rewatched several times

    This is a great movie and series. I've watched it several times. It is different and has good lessons. This is for kids and adults

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  • Mhebert16 By  Mhebert16    

    Amazing Movie

    My daughter absolutely loves every single How To Train Your Dragon Movie. Turn it on and she's glued to the TV. Definitely a go-to movie!!!

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  • Shellamcs By  Shellamcs    


    This is hands down one of top 5 favorite movies. I enjoy it more than the kids.

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  • LuckyBobtail By  LuckyBobtail    

    A family favorite! It's entertaining for everyone.

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  • Nellygirl07 By  Nellygirl07    

    Super cute! They whole family loves this movie. We fell in love with Toothless

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  • MoHolster By  MoHolster    

    Love the dragon movies!

    Love it! It's exciting, great characters, good story. I love all the "Dragons" movies I've watched. They really make you feel for the characters. Plus, it's super funny!

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  • drosenheck By  drosenheck    

    I thought that this movie was great. It has a great message in the movie. It tells of a boy who was depicted as not being accepted in the norm. The boy had the strength and courage to go out on his own and do the impossible. He became accepted by all including his father for being different. Great story,

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  • mollzim9 By  mollzim9    


    this movie I didn't care for the first time I saw it but I like it more watching it afew times. My son liked it a lot.

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  • Freedii6996 By  Freedii6996    

    2 👍👍!

    I don't usually care to watch cartoons/kids' movies, but I took my kids to see it while it was still in the movie theatres and I actually really liked this one!

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  • MistressSaucebox By  MistressSaucebox    

    I watched this with my sister, our nieces, our mom, and our grandparents... Everyone loved it! It's my go to for when I need to laugh. Definitely a family friendly movie!

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  • ElephantsRule By  ElephantsRule    

    Loved this movie! watched it with my younger cousins (age 4-12) and we were all engaged the entire time:)

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