Were You Dreaming of a White Halloween?

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Were You Dreaming of a White Halloween?

Just as many regions in the Northeast recover from the effects of Hurricane Irene a freak October snowstorm brought on high winds, rain, and…the white stuff. CNN reports that Saturday’s storm is being blamed for at least 5 deaths and has left more than 2.3 million without power.  Though electric crews are now working to restore power, it may be a while until everyone is back up and running.

Thousands of children woke up to an early snow day on Monday and commuters had a rough time dealing with downed trees and power lines on their way in to work.

For some of the kids in Massachusetts, Halloween had to wait. Residents in Worcester, Massachusetts are being asked to celebrate Halloween trick-or-treating on today or Friday when temperatures are expected to be in the 60’s. The city released a statement on Sunday saying, “Safety doesn't take a holiday. Halloween tomorrow night will put families and our youth in harm's way as they negotiate piles of snow and downed limbs.”

How did you and your family fare during this early snowstorm? Did it put a damper on your Halloween festivities?

We wish you all well and for those who have lost power we hope you get it back soon!


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  • sara322 By sara322

    Trick-or-treating was postponed until Sunday 11/6 in my town. I was without power for 5 days. I feel like I completely missed Halloween this year!

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