Dreamfields Healthy Carb Living Pasta

Dreamfields Healthy Carb Living Pasta

              Rated #11 in Grains Pasta & Side Dishes
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One of the reviews from 2010 mentioned it is difficult to find; not any longer! It's readily available in most grocery stores (I even buy it in Super Walmarts). It looks and tastes like regular pasta but whatever it is they do different, they do a great job because there is no bloating or digestive pain when you eat this pasta. You don't have to be on a low-carb diet to enjoy it. If you have any bloating or stomach pains from eating 'regular' noodles or pasta, it's worth trying Dreamfields. We use everything from their macaroni to rotini, spaghetti and penne.

I have been using dreamfields pasta for over 2 years now. This pasta is amazing and makes the perfect addition to a low carb lifestyle. It tastes just like regular pasta with a few less calories, more protein and more fiber. My daughter and friends love this pasta and I never feel guilty when I eat it. My sister just made mac and cheese for a house party she was holding and I asked her to use the dreamfield elbows. She made 3 trays of mac and cheese and at the end of the evening there was only 1/2 tray left over. No one knew the difference

I think Dreamfield makes excellent pasta. Unfortunately a bit on the expensive side.

I've been buying this product since it came out. It really tastes just like regular pasta even my super picky husband can't tell. I just wish it was easier to find.

this is the only pasta I buy. High in fiber, and low in carbs.

I love this pasta :) Great for lower carb diets!