Dr. Seuss The Lorax

Dr. Seuss The Lorax

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My son's favorite Dr. Seuss book. A great book that teaches how important it is to respect the environment.

Who doesn't love Dr. Seuss? I'm 25 years old and every time I walk past one I still can't help but go and read it! As all the other books of the series "The Lorax" does not disappoint. Silly, yet informative this book is definitely one to read to your little ones of all ages.

Dr. Seuss with a bigger purpose! A great read to make children more environmentally aware and a great jumping off point for deeper discussions on conservation.

Another great book by Dr. Suess :-)

Such a great book and an even cutier movie!

Very cute movie, it has a very deep meaning, but the movie did a great job discussing the subject matter. Light hear ted, great music. two four year old watched most of the movie but got a little bored. my five year nephew got a little bored towards the end. I also loved the fact the ending was really happy. Everyone decided to change for the better of others. Great movie for teaching kids the value of trees and the earth.

This book is amazing! It creates young environmentalists! It is one of the few books for children that make children conscious about the problems of our environment and the responsibilities that we have towards it. If they love the little, stubborn, wise Lorax they will love Mother Nature as well.

I bought this book to read to my son and he absolutely loves it. He is only four, but I think he gets the story behind it. He wants to go see the movie now because of this book.

This has always been one of my favorite Seuss books. The story is simple and warns against pollution and deforestation, etc. The Lorax is an anti-hero as he mostly complains but yet the Onesler still learns and it ends with hope. A classic for all children.

I can not wait for the movie to come out and see how it compares to the book. This book was given to my kids and the Lorax doll from my sister in law. We love this story.

My 5 year old son loves this book. He has me read it to him at least once a week. (even though he has it memorized.) We both love the idea of the book. We try to be a "Green" home and recycle. This book shows kids how important it is to take care of our resources. We can not wait to see the movie.

I actually have not read this book yet, but will be purchasing it for my daughter soon. Just before Christmas "The Lorax" original animated special from the 1970s (which seems to follow the original story) was on television and we recorded it. Ever since my daughter has watched it everyday and loves it and the story/lesson that goes with it. Even though we just purchased the Blue-ray she still loves watching the original recording. This is a great story and example to share with everyone young and old on the importance of taking care of our natural resources that so many depend on. We just watched the "New" movie out in theaters. While it is wonderfully animated, I was very disappointed there was very little to do with the original story and it lost the charm of Dr. Seuss poetic language. I look forward to purchasing the Original "The Lorax" story book to add to our collection.

This is one of my sons favorite Dr. Seuss books. He has loved this book since he was little. When he first saw the commercial for the movie he was so excited that his book was on tv! We haven't seen the movie yet, but he is very excited about it and can't wait until we see it! I love when they make Dr. Seuss books into movies, it just makes them that much more alive.

This is our newest Dr Seuss book. All 3 of my girls love it! My 6 yr old & my 3 yr olds both LOVE books! Dr Seuss is1 of our favorite authers! We have several of his books & aways buying more.

My daughter and son loved this book when we read it together. My daughter's first grade class is celebrating Dr. Seuss Read Across America this week and the class read The Lorax and discussed it. When I asked my daughter why it was not right to cut down the trees in the story, she said, "because we need oxygen and the animals need homes." The Onesler is portrayed as greedy and money hungry through out the story, but then at the end he changes and gives the boy a seed to grow a Truffula tree. We enjoyed this book because it sends out a message to world to be more environmentally friendly and to recycle and to save our resources because we will not have them if we continue to use them selfishly and wastefully.