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  • Rosalbamomoftwo By  Rosalbamomoftwo    

    Great for kids learning to read

    I like this book for school age kids that are learning to read its easy enough and they do great plus it nice to read and say one fish two fish. And to help them slow down and really focus

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  • SuziSkaann By  SuziSkaann    

    Dr. Seuss was a genius of children lit. His books made reading fun and engaging with incorporating the learning rhyming, counting, alphabet, colors, shapes, and sizes. 1 Fish 2 Fish is definitely one of my all time favorites and holds fond memories for me as a child, its also a favorite for my children and it will be read to my grandchildren as well. A household staple, in my opinion if you have little ones to read to.

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  • MarleeB By  MarleeB    

    My toddler loves this book. I would love to find it in a board book version so my son won't have to be supervised while reading/looking at it.

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  • Ashie0685 By  Ashie0685    

    Another one of our favorite books! Love the rhythmic pattern and the pictures. The goofy story holds kids attention.

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  • Vmontz By  Vmontz    

    Great book for beginner readers. Very repetitive and great for learning sight words! One of my sons go to books when he first started to read.

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  • Aniram411 By  Aniram411    

    This was my favorite Dr. Seuss book. I still remember every word by heart.

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  • rachelrivera1313 By  rachelrivera1313    

    I used to love this book as a child. My sister and I used to repeat it from heart. It is one of the many that my future children will know.

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  • DanielleL By  DanielleL    

    I read this to my daughter she lives this book and I do as well!

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  • someday By  someday    

    Love this book! Perfect for little ones!

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  • amberjeannetti By  amberjeannetti    

    love dr suess. i grew up with his books and so will my kids

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  • beth1958 By  beth1958    

    A good first book for little children.

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  • mommyofalex03 By  mommyofalex03    

    I love these books and will share them with my children's children.

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  • Ginnc30 By  Ginnc30    

    Love the rhyming in it was one of my kids favorites and now hope that it will be my Granddaughters favorites.

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  • jennawall By  jennawall    

    my little one loves this book bright colors and counting

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    Dr. Seuss is a classic and every child should own his books.

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