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  • MayWww By  MayWww    

    Cannot say enough how my son loves Dr Seuss's book, this is one of his fav! The full collection make it a fun time if you read with your kids , that's the time I really enjoy!

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  • Rosalbamomoftwo By  Rosalbamomoftwo    

    Great book for kids learning to read

    My kid learning to read loves this book easy and fun for her to read.

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  • mdc3890 By  mdc3890    

    Good book

    I think dr. Seuss writes very cute books and I am a big fan

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  • jenetty4 By  jenetty4    

    This book is so much fun. If you're looking for a way to engage your children as they laugh at your silly tongue twisting agony as you read to them, this is definitely a top choice!

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  • Katie0488 By  Katie0488    

    I love Dr. Seus and so do my daughters. The books are so much fun to read and support creativeness and imagination.

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  • daimaposey By  daimaposey    

    I grew up reading these books and loved them and I will hand them all down to my daughter ! they are classics !

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  • kittyyoga By  kittyyoga    

    Great book for learning to read. The tongue twisters are the best.

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  • abt122 By  abt122    

    Precious book! You can't go wrong with Dr Seuss!

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  • Mari88 By  Mari88    

    I love this book! I used to read it to my little sister when she was a pre-schooler.

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  • MyEmptyCanvas By  MyEmptyCanvas    

    Cute book .... easy reading for the children.

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  • cheryllo By  cheryllo    

    Love this book. My grandson likes me to read it to him almost every time he comes to my house. Classic.

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  • DFranklin By  DFranklin    

    My nephew LOVES this box, he asks for it to be read to him almost every night. It's a Dr.Suess book what more could you really ask for ?

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  • queendean By  queendean    

    I will forever hang on to all my Dr. Seuss books. They are awesome for every generation for learning to read and to be read to.

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  • loriejackson24 By  loriejackson24    

    Another Dr. Suess book need I say more :-)

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  • Mandykin By  Mandykin    

    This was one of my favorite books growing up. My daughter loves that I get tongue tied while reading this book to her! Great book for children!

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