Dr Pepper Soda

Dr Pepper Soda

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Dr. Pepper Dr. Pepper has a great refreshing taste. It is unique from other sodas, and I lov eit!

Classic Goodness This is our favorite soda. We prefer the kind made with 100% real sugar but they don't seem to be making that variety right now. You can't go wrong with this. Yum!

Classic drink Always a family favorite and a must have in the fridge. Cool and crisp.

Delicious Soda I love the spice and carbonation of Dr. Pepper! It's sweet and has a faint spiciness that tastes wonderful! It's nice and bubbly too. This is best ice cold!

Best soda ever made! Dr. Pepper is my number one favorite pop, and always has been. I love it at room temperature. It has the perfect balance of flavors.

Not a Fan, Sorry! I will be honest, I do not like Dr. Pepper. I have tried it repeatedly over the years and maybe it's just me because I know it has its fans, but not a drink I enjoy. For me, the flavor is something I can do without, but that is my personal opinion.

Great pick me up I rarely drink sodas but when I need a pick me up I enjoy a Dr. Pepper. It's been my favorite since my teen years.

Dr Pepper I love Dr Pepper and if it were not available or too expensive, I would look for Mr. Pibb or Dr Pepper Ten. We always look for the sales and digital coupons that are sometimes on Dollar General's digital coupons website. Combine that digital coupon with a military discount if you were in the military or pair it with the $5 off on Saturday's by spending $35.00. Walgreens sometimes has a good sale on them as well and with their MyWalgreens program, you can sometimes get them cheaper.

Best soda ever I love Dr. Pepper! I drink diet but if diet went away I'd have to figure out how to fit sugar in. The taste is just amaaaaaaazing!! It's always sold out so need more production. #DietDrPepper #favoritesoda #bestpepper #cherryfizz #number1

Two enthusiastic thumbs up! My number one, go-to soda! Dr. Pepper has been my favorite since I was a kid and it's still my favorite as an adult. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Favorite Brand Dr Pepper is one of my favorite sodas. It's not too strong and it doesn't turn watery like other beverages. It taste better when served on ice.

Your favorite 23 Flavors! Dr Pepper is the ONLY soda I drink. How some people have an "after work glass of wine", I have a Dr. Pepper! It hits the spot every single time. Whether you pour it over some ice, like it chilled, or even slightly frozen--Dr. Pepper is always my favorite go-to!

ABSOULETLY FAVORITE SODA POP. This is the best tasting soda, good in regular dr. pepper, cherry dr. pepper and cream soda dr pepper.

Good for anytime and anyone A classic favorite go to for parties, get togethers, or a simple dinner with the family Dr. Pepper always delivers a good time

My favorite pop!! Dr Pepper has been a long time favorite of mine! It never fails to perk me up and enlighten my mood!