Dr. Pepper Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper

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Delicious Wow this is very new to me and it's delicious. It's tastes even better when served on ice.

Praying for a return... I LOVED THIS!!! I didn't even care that it was diet! It was just like taking a drink or Dr Pepper right after eating a cordial cherry! I'm not even a Dr Pepper fan, but would be ecstatic if they would bring this back out!

Acquired taste Started keto about a month ago and this is a great alternative to sugar cravings. Almost tastes like a tootsie pop. Wouldn't really drink it if I wasnt on keto though.

I've tried this before and I am not into chocolate soda. I love my cherry drink without chocolate.


I am a huge Dr. Pepper fan but I found this flavor to be kind of disgusting. The idea was good but just didn't come across well in a soda.

omg!! taist just like tootsie pops!!! i liked it, i think it was a nice change from normal diet sodas, and i drank it ever chance i got,.... which was like 3 times...