Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza

Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza

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I miss Dr. Oetker. The frozen pizza was always my go to when I wanted a great tasting treat. Or even if I was just too tired to cook. Really like the thin crispy crust. But alas, I can't get them in ND.

The spinach pizza is really good, though has a significant amount of fat, so I usually end up making homemade spinach pizza.

Only frozen pizza I would purchase! Actually taste good without the cardboard aftertaste. Good brand and affordable.

knew these from Germany and have been a fan of these for years. I am very happy they offer them now at stores in the USA. The flavor is a little bit different than most regular frozen pizza types, but I love it. The vegetarian one is my favorite because the cheese on it tastes really good.

everything about this brand is really good, it taste great and the price is good for me.

i love the pizza mozarrella. It has a wonderful flavor with the cheese and sauce !

My favorite is the vegetable pizza with both the mozzarella and soft cheeses!

I love everything in the Dr. Oetker brand. I have used their cake mixes and pudding mixes for 10 years. A wonderful brand of wholesome ingredients! I highly recomend this pizza. We plan a pizza night once a week, and the children always look forward to it.

If only my stores here had it. Ristorante has been my fav pizza for years coming from europe. Its delicious, light and everything i want a pizza to be. Dr oetker products are well known and loved in europe. I always see coupons for it but no store has them.matter of fact im off to research a store locater.

This ia a frozen 10 inch pizza. The ingredients really taste fresh and has a thin crispy crust. There are six different styles to chose from. Our family loves these pizzas. I got to try two of the pizzas for free because i am a bzz agent and was lucky to recieve this campaigne. These pizzas are so delicious, we are hooked on them. They make a great tv time snack.