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  • jesshenges By  jesshenges    

    Dr. Brown Bottles

    These bottles were the easiest for all of my children to transition to from breastfeeding. They aren?t too fast and do not allow air to get through and make the baby gassy.

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  • AshKot4 By  AshKot4    

    Dr. Browns options - Great bottle

    We used the Dr. browns options bottles without the straw. I loved that they connect to my Medela breast pump. LO seemed to have no issues with these bottles.

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  • Leximarie07 By  Leximarie07    

    Great bottles

    Definitely would recommend these bottles to anybody who has a baby who gets easy gas. This bottle calls for easy flow and seems as if it doesn't makw your baby to gassy. This bottle is super easy to clean as well.

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  • DandVsFamily By  DandVsFamily    

    Best for colicky babies

    My son has terrible gas issues with drinking from bottles. The latch he had on them made him inhale so much air and he got so colicky because of it. These were the only bottles that worked with decreasing the amount of air he took in when drinking. I absolutely love them and have used them it with my other two children.

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  • Mustain69 By  Mustain69    


    It was hit or miss on if these truly helped my little one. I would wash them every night and there was always a slimy residue and it would be hard to get it all off of the tiny insert. I think for the right baby these would be great. Just not mine.

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  • Cagalli33 By  Cagalli33    

    Best bottles ever

    I ❤️ Dr. Brown's bottles. My child has been using this up until now. I'm very fond of it because it has lots of bottle choices with different functions, and what I like the most is the Options baby bottle. This bottle helps to decrease gas pains, for short anti-colic. As I read in other reviews, they have been complaining about how hard it is to clean the bottles. Actually, there is a small brush included when you buy the bottle sets. It is designed specifically for the tubings that are hard to clean. It requires effort to clean the bottles because they have this extra green tubing that filters the air when the milk passes by it. Well, cleaning it is just one thing, but decreasing the gas pains for my daughter makes it worth the effort.

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  • Puremichiganmomma By  Puremichiganmomma    

    Little Life Savers

    My daughter was born with severe acid reflux. These bottles helped greatly decrease her gas and spit up. Worked like a charm, held up great, and transitioned well as she aged.

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  • momof3nuggets By  momof3nuggets    

    Amazing bottles!

    These are my absolute favorite bottles! I've used them for all 3 of my kids and also for my home daycare that I run. My 3 year old had acid reflux as an infant so this helped him so much! Also my 2 year old spit up constantly as an infant with other bottles, but not with this brand.

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  • jenmartin74 By  jenmartin74    

    Not a fan

    I was not happy with these. They are on the expensive side, but I was fine with that because they had a good rating. They were poor quality and the leaked. Not a fan.

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  • Lpiantedosi18 By  Lpiantedosi18    

    These are the only bottles that I used when my child was a baby. Kind of a pain to keep all the parts together, but they work great

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  • shelby_neal8792 By  shelby_neal8792    

    Best bottle around!

    Dr. Browns bottles were the only bottles I used on my kiddos! The were great for breast milk and formula! They kept the air bubbles out which helped prevent colic! Never had an issue with comic with any of my kids! They were easy to wash as the kit came with everything you needed, you can also buy extra nipples for them. Some bottles you can?t! They come in different sizes and colors/designs as that is an awesome feature to have expecially if you have specifications on a theme. I have never had a problem with leaking or anything cracking or breaking! Highly recommend this product!

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  • Cmellone By  Cmellone    

    DR. Brown bottles are great! These bottles are glass so you need to be careful not to drop them or let your baby drop or throw them, though I think they do make plastic ones now. Also the bottles have a plastic tube, like a straw inside them which helps stop or reduce the air that gets swallowed by the baby to reduce gas, colic and other things.

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  • Wifnmum By  Wifnmum    

    This bottle is a wonderful bottle for gassy babies I tried it and now it is the only bottle the baby will use. I highly recommend this bottle

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  • helloislandmama By  helloislandmama    

    Not really

    I bought this before when my second son has reflux baby. It didn't help. It is pricey compare with other bottles too.

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  • Wildatheart By  Wildatheart    


    Loved these bottles! i heard that these helped with spit up. At the time my little was having so much trouble with that so we switched to Dr. Brown bottles and it worked wonders

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