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  • Ashwal123 By  Ashwal123    

    Love this

    Downy is an awesome product it keeps your clothes fresh and smelling great. But it also helps them to keep the shape they were designed to be. Many scents to choose from and long lasting.

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  • 41rdaly By  41rdaly    

    Will repurchase for years to come!

    I have used Downy for years. I have tried others that just cannot match the softness that Downy achieves without a residue. Sweaters & sweatshirts pill considerably less with Downy than others do. The scents (i have tried several) leave a noticeable, but not overpowering freshness to your clothes for days. Love, love, love this product!!

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  • mikxoc By  mikxoc    

    Downy brand all the way!

    I've tried many others but always come back to Downy. I do love all of the new Downy products and I love trying the new scents. Downy products always deliver.

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  • rochelle222 By  rochelle222    


    I love this product it smells good and makes you cloths soft

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  • Jane83 By  Jane83    

    Our clothes smell amazing

    My family loves using Downy fabric softener. I have tried other brands but we always go back to Downy as it leaves our clothes smelling amazing. My son doesn?t do well with scented products and dyes but he?s never had a with Downy. Our favorite is the April fresh scent.

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  • dogtrainer By  dogtrainer    

    I love using Downy fabric softener as I get good results and fresh scent of my household material and clothes. I can add it directly to my washer, but have used those little fabric softener release balls in the past if need be. I definitely recommend this product!

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  • Cdettra By  Cdettra    

    My favorite fabric softener. I love the scent of the original (pink cap) April Fresh bottle. I?ve tried others but come back to Downy and don?t plan to use anything else

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  • rlgreen1260 By  rlgreen1260    

    Downy Forever!

    I love Downy. My Mom used it over 50 years ago and I am faithfully using now. I love the smell, and I love how soft it makes the clothes. I can really tell the difference when the downy is not used on our clothes.

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  • DebTronina By  DebTronina    

    The only one I really like! I've actually washed comforters and put them away until I wanted to use them weeks later and they STILL smelled amazing!!!

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  • newmom2013 By  newmom2013    

    My favorite

    My favorite fabric softener! Downy always leaves my clothes smelling great and feeling soft.

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  • Wildangel By  Wildangel    

    Family favorite

    I love Downy, been using it for years. My mom used it so I use it also. Why switch when you find a great product.

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  • Jessicapurple By  Jessicapurple    

    Favorite Fabric Softener

    My Number 1 go-to fabric softener. It smells great, leaves my clothes soft, and is no fail.

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  • JessicaNclyde By  JessicaNclyde    

    Downy has a great smell. And i love the idea of using this and not having to worry about the fabric softener sheets.

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  • PburgmomsalesMM By  PburgmomsalesMM    

    The best smelling fabric softener ever and softens clothes really well but pricy.

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  • moot0009 By  moot0009    

    I use Downy Free, and it's wonderful. I use it in a Downy Ball with every load (even my towels!), and it works beautifully to soften and more importantly, CONDITION my clothes to keep them in better shape for longer. I do use less than the Downy Ball line "calls for," because I've found it to be concentrated enough to still work with less.

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