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  • rlgreen1260 By  rlgreen1260    

    Is it the Downy Ball or Is it US?

    Up until 2017 the downy ball was one of the best things in life. However, since May of 2017 the downy ball has not been emptying and staining me and my husbands clothes. I even accused him of messing up my clothes because they had downy spots all over them and he didn't notice and dried the clothes. This happened more than once, several times. I asked him not to wash my clothes anymore. I thought he somehow wasn't closing the ball correctly. We even returned one because we thought it was defective. The new ball does the same thing. This time I used it and washed my own clothes and the downy ball did not release all the downy and stained the clothes. The only difference is I recognized and re-rinsed the clothes. I apologized to my husband because I accused him of not knowing how to use the downy ball. Is it us, after using a downy ball for over 15 years, or is it the downy ball. I don't think we can recommend this to anyone right now.

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  • homesteadmomma By  homesteadmomma    

    Love this ball

    This is a guarantee that the softener is getting into your cloths. I put in the softener in my washer and most of the time it is still there when the wash is done. When I use this ball at the end of the wash cycle it is empty every time and my cloths smell great.

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  • moot0009 By  moot0009    

    I love my downy ball! I have an older dryer that doesn't have a dispenser built in. I actually use a little less than the line, because my downy free works so well. I also use it for vinegar when I'm washing new things that "shed," like towels or fleece to help reduce the fuzz but still soften. It's great! Just remember, if you're like us and set it on the dryer while it's running (warmly), you need to make sure it's emptied of excess water so it doesn't mold on you!

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  • Babygeorgia By  Babygeorgia    

    I have used this for many years without any problem and with different types of fabric softener. It should be filled only to the line inside or else there will be product remaining inside the ball which can spill out on the clean clothes. A great little invention as I hate to wait for the rinse cycle.

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  • khristine By  khristine    

    It didn't work well for me.It opened up and all came out.

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  • Sina_Veiga By  Sina_Veiga    

    The first time I used it the ball came open but the times after that it didnt. Pretty sure I was just sleep deprived at the time haha! Great product and easy to use :)

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  • krystalin96 By  krystalin96    

    I have had success using the Downy ball. I typically skip liquid softener since I do not like to wait for the rinse cycle. But the Downy ball makes it easy for mom's like me who want the most for the least amount of time and money. I can fill it, toss it in with the load in the beginning and forget about it. Occassionally the ball does not opem but it works perfectly the majority of the time.

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  • schammers By  schammers    

    I bought one because my husband dislikes detergent touching his clothes before the washer fills with water. I put it in and the ball didn't open in the washer, so thinking maybe it was just a mishap I left it open for the 2nd round in the washer and found that none of the detergent even came out of the ball. I don't know if the one I own is defective, but I would not buy it again based on my experience.

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  • MasterofMom By  MasterofMom    

    If you don't have a timed release section for fabric softener in your machine already, these Downy balls are the BEST! I use one every time I have to wash a load at my mom's house because she doesn't have the separate sections like I do. I think that this product is great in design and great for convenience, but I wonder at how useful they will be since all of the newer washers appear to have the auto-timed release for the fabric softener during the appropriate cycle.

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  • bambiluv By  bambiluv    

    I simply love my Downy Ball. I have had mine for at least 6 years. Yes you have to clean it out every few months, but it saves so much time and energy. I always make sure not to over load the washer, that way the ball can evenly move around and distribute the fabric softener. I don't always buy Downy brand softener, I also use Snuggle and occasionally Suavitel (It's really fragrant so I dilute it). The Downy Ball works well with whatever brand you'll chose.

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  • ccummins10 By  ccummins10    

    I used to have one of these and then ended up getting rid of it due to it staining my clothes and getting gunky. Other than that, I loved the concept!

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  • Jrenea25 By  Jrenea25    

    This downy ball is great to use if your machine does not offer a softener slot. Just pour to fill line and toss in. I have never had any problem with my downy ball. I haves aged to wear one out in maybe ten years of using them. But I have a large family and do several loads of laundry a day.

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  • mrshonduras By  mrshonduras    

    this product iis ok. it keeps me from running up and down stairs'

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  • ElishaAnnB By  ElishaAnnB    

    Who wouldnt buy one of these? If you have 4 kids like myself u want one of there!! No more remembering to go put fabric softner in when u hear the water running! Just toss it in as soon as u put the load in!

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  • xsparklexstarx2 By  xsparklexstarx2    

    I love these things! Makes clothes smell nice, and eliminates static!

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