Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Antiperspirant and Deodorant

Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Antiperspirant and Deodorant

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Worst Deodorant Ever Dove deodorant does not work for me. It smells nice and seems promising, until I break the slightest sweat. It does not block smell for some reason.

One of the best antiperspirant sticks Love these antiperspirants and I use them often. They are very reliable and have pleasant smell, long lasting. Even if you have a long, hard day, they neutralize unpleasant smell. I never had problems with allergies or anything of that sort.

Yay for clear armpits! I actually use Dove Cleartone & let me tell you...that shit actually works! My underarms have never been so clear, it reduced the dark discoloration & still kept my armpits smelling fresh both the dry spray & the stick work well I sweat a lot and for the most part it does its job. I've been using it for a could of months now & haven't had any bad reactions to it

soft and moisturized I have been using dove products for many years now and still swear by all of their products. this product makes me feel fresh and dry all day along with just the right amount of scent that lasts and lasts. try this for soft moisturized underarms all day!!!

LOVE Really prevents me ever feeling insecure about my smell! I think it is because it prevents perspiration and helps me feel dry!

great stuff This stuff helped me a lot! During the summer I definitely sweat.. it lasted FOREVER

Best ever This is the best antiperspirant/deodorant ever. Keeps me dry and fresh smelling all day long.

Pit Pal Seriously prevents wetness and smell. I shave my underarm and even if I forget to apply for a day I am good to go. Cucumber is fresh and not overpowering.

This stuff really keeps you dry and smelling great all day long

The Dove fresh deodorant works great for all types,the cucumber melon scent smells amazing,works amazing for all day protection.

Dove has done it again! Dove Go Fresh deodorant is now all that I buy. It has definitely exceeded any other brand. Dove is the brand I can use that doesn't break out my skin. I also really like the variety of scents you can choose from.

Been using Dove for years since they works great with my sensitive skins, the only thing I can use in my lifetime without getting any rashes under my arms.

Great scent variety but doesn't help to prevent perspiration

Most products from dove are worth your money. Satisfaction guarantee. And the smell are nice,not harsh.

I am actually a Dove user since then. I changed my deodorant for it's smell is mixed with smell of your under arm odor and it totally stinks, then a yellow stain is always seen underarm and gosh i hate it. Unlike those other products i stick with Dove, it has this pleasant that doesn't mix with your own odor and won't stain my clothes. My only problem is that it makes my underarm darker every day i used it. Is there some kind of chemical being mixed in here that makes my armpits dark? Coz naturally, my armpits are normal i mean is the same as the color of my skin not until now.