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  • ladyfly521 By  ladyfly521    

    These are amazingly good! I love the salty and chocolate combination!

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  • gingerrelifordmcclung By  gingerrelifordmcclung    

    Delicious and heart healthy- these little delights are a win-win snack!

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  • ivonne4 By  ivonne4    

    I love dove chocolate I love it I will recommend to every body thats love chocolate dove chocolate is really tasty in the price is great........ :)

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  • joice911 By  joice911    

    very rich chocolate. Once I eat it, I can not stop

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  • shymariee By  shymariee    

    i only eat dark chocolate and this brand is my favorite, a couple pieces and my sweet tooth is taken care of!

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  • katietraver94 By  katietraver94    

    I love these Dove chocolates! They are delicious and a great late night snack that you don't have to feel bad about!

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  • Brazzie By  Brazzie    

    Dove chocolate is a smooth slow mealting creamy price of candy that will send your mind and rast buds to another place, of true enjoyment. The almonds gives you that little crunch that helps the Mind to explode with flavor. I love this candy.

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  • Qurshid By  Qurshid    

    One of my family's favorite chocolate.Will never stop with one Dove chocolate.

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  • akf0601 By  akf0601    

    I love Dove chocolate covered almonds. The taste is awesome ! It is rich and smooth.

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  • CathyCee By  CathyCee    

    Delish !

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  • WeiserAcademy By  WeiserAcademy    

    I love Dove Rich Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds. They are absolutely delightful and great to serve guests at partys or just enjoy as a special treat when I am reading a good book.

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  • zzayed2 By  zzayed2    

    Love at first bite

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  • derryberry By  derryberry    

    Dove chocolates are already amazing, but add crunchy almonds and it?s simply irresistible! Dove chocolate is sensuously smooth, deliciously decadent, and flirtatiously fabulous!

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  • beevet By  beevet    

    liked these, they melt a little quickly in your hands, but it was hot this summer too :-)

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  • tja1967 By  tja1967    

    Love dark chocolate and love almonds! Delish!

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