New Jersey "Armpit" Ad: Offensive or Just Funny?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Mar 05, 2014

Much to the approval of many New Jersey residents the skin care company Dove decided to stop running ads that called attention to the state being known as “the armpit of America.” The billboard ad featured a woman in a tank top, standing proudly with her arm raised and a caption that reads: “Dear New Jersey, When people call you ‘the Armpit of America’ take it as a compliment. Sincerely, Dove.”

Dove has been vocal that the ad, which ran in the Garden State, was not meant to offend but rather to draw attention to the beauty of our bodies. Matthew McCarthy, senior marketing director of antiperspirants and deodorants at Dove’s parent company Unilever, is quoted in a Los Angeles Times report explaining, “We did not wish to cause any misunderstanding and apologize for any offense. Our intent with the 'Dear New Jersey' billboard, which was one of many ads for our campaign, was to call attention to the fact that armpits can and should be considered beautiful and ask women everywhere to accept this as something that is OK.”

And though some New Jersey residents took offense by the ads, others found it funny. A local radio station ran a poll and found that more than 30% of residents thought the ad was funny and not an insult.

What do you think about the ad that Dove decided to pull?

Do you think it’s offensive or funny?

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Kay3131 by Kay3131 | New York, NY
Mar 06, 2014

Here's an idea - The State of New Jersey should quadruple the sales tax on products from Unilever - and use those funds to re-educate its female residents so that they can come around to Mr. McCarthy's point of view! Another idea would be for Dove to give one of those women Mr. McCarthy's job.