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  • mizzresa By  mizzresa    

    I love this spray deodorant by Dove. It sprays and dries clear and smells amazing. My daughter?s love this and have zero complaints.

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  • Mother87 By  Mother87    

    Dove Lover

    I Love it only one that works for me and the Scent Smells for a while.

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  • smilesforeveryone By  smilesforeveryone    


    i love this product, if your wondering if u should buy this or not , YES buy it , it is amazing and doesn?t rub off doesn?t show either , works perfect, smells amazing . love it!!

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  • tripichick By  tripichick    

    expensive i thuink reguar gemeric suave works byt someone gifted me this. smells great. i like lvendar. it woerkd. i gort clean and skin felt good.

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  • drasticdesigner By  drasticdesigner    

    I love this product. It doesn't rub off on dark clothing and I stay fresh all day.

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  • ninabrackeen1 By  ninabrackeen1    

    Feels wonderful on

    I've been using these for years and tried almost every scent. This lasts all day and leaves no residue. Its a great product and reasonably priced.

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  • tjs68111 By  tjs68111    

    Great scents!

    I really like the scents of these Dove Invisible Clear Finish Dry Spray Antiperspirants! They work great at keeping me feeling dry all day long too!

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  • aliciamarie3 By  aliciamarie3    

    Jogger's dream!

    I actually like using this prior to jogging for under-boob sweat!

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  • TheMaven By  TheMaven    

    A truly dry spray

    I have been pleasantly surprised by this spray. It is fresh, truly dry, and offers effective all-day protection from wetness and odor.

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  • Queeniefreebie By  Queeniefreebie    

    Quality and Affordability

    Doesn't leave any white residue and smells great. Very moisturizing and cool on the underarms. Perfect for that little black dress in the closet waiting to get out. It lasts a long time and for the price it's affordable.

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  • 2betti3 By  2betti3    

    dove clear spray

    has a light scent and sprays clear doesn't leave white marks on clothes last all day and good for all age group to use

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  • Elijane02 By  Elijane02    


    Works well, I used to use this all the time. My grandma buys it. Great for all ages

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  • faru23 By  faru23    

    Great deodorant

    I love this dove deodorant, it?s one of the only ones that makes me feel so fresh and dry. It lasts for the whole day, smells wonderful and is effective. My only gripe is the price it?s too expensive for such a small spray.

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  • Jdemirali By  Jdemirali    

    I love this stuff! It smells so good. People literally comment and ask what perfume I'm wearing, to which I reply "it's just my deodorant." I love that the spray doesn't leave white marks like a stick will, and also isn't wet like gel deodorant. Only issue is that you don't get that much in a bottle. I wish there was more product.

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  • liwenhan_u By  liwenhan_u    

    My friend uses this deodorant, and I tried it for few times, and it does make you smell good, and it?s not sticky like the other deodorants!

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