Dove Invigorating Dry Shampoo

Dove Invigorating Dry Shampoo

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Not My Favorite, But I Buy it on Sale I don't notice a significant white cast with this product, which is a bonus. I find, however, that it doesn't work as well as Batiste, especially on days 3 or 4 of not shampooing. I do buy it when it goes on sale, because it's great for giving clean hair a little structure.

Favorite! I love this dry shampoo!! It's my favorite, and it's cheap! It smells amazing, and it works great without leaving that filmy feeling.

Good but need to use too much I liked the smell and the way my hair felt after using, but it seemed like I needed to use a lot more to achieve the same results as other dry shampoos.

BEST I have tried so many different dry shampoos in the past and only the really expensive ones had worked for me. But it was getting expensive to buy several times a month. I have suppper oily hair and I have to reapply towards the end of the day. But then I tried the this one and fell in love, not only does it smell wonderful, but it keeps my hair looking washed and fresh all day!

this smells good but that's all., it doesn't work, nor last. It left my hair dried out and terrible.

It's not a terrible product. It had a great smell. But just not a product for me.

Love this dry shampoo! Perfect for those days you don't want to do your hair. Just spray, style and go. Perfect for quick fixes

I use it when I need to do something with my hair and I didn't have time to wash and blowdry. It gives an extra day to look sharp.

Super awesome dry shampoo! Takes the oils out of your hair and helps give your hair volume too!

I love this product. I tried a different brand of dry shampoo years ago and was not thrilled. I decided to try one more time (I've been staying in a humid area lately which is causing my hair to be oily) out of exasperation with oily hair. I was delighted to find that this product was very light. It smells wonderful. It does leave a little bit of build up if you use too much. But my hair still looks natural and I can style it however I would do normally and it looks great.

This product managed to actually take stress out of my life! I have naturally oily hair--very oily--and it can be a bummer to have to manage showering, styling, blow-drying and the whole nine yards when all I want to do is sleep in or throw my hair in a ponytail. No dry shampoo really worked for me before but Dove Dry Shampoo is perfect! Don't have to use a lot to get results, if applied correctly it vanishes on hair, it lasts all day and even smells fantastic. Now I can have a lazy morning and still show up at work looking professional (and hygienic!) Best part is the low price, especially for how long one lasts me.